Survival Tips for the Pastor's Wife

Survival advice for various challenges.

by Frankie Roland

When my husband and I started in ministry in the late 1950s the pastor was supposed to provide housing and meals to all visiting evangelists and other church officials.

This was fine with us because we made new friends that lasted a lifetime, and in later years our children looked forward to “visits” from evangelists as much as when their grandparents came.

Although I agonized over putting a man of God in a room with slanting eaves on a hot September day, I knew it was the best I had to offer.

When another evangelist was on a special diet and needed items I couldn’t afford on my budget, I again knew I offered the best balanced meal I could afford.

Before our ministry ended, churches were putting evangelists and special speakers in motels and gave food vouchers to eat out. That was a good thing, but at the same time our children missed out on breaking bread with their favorite visiting preachers and missionaries.

God bless the memory of that minister’s wife who helped me to offer the best food I had and also the best room accommodations.

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