Brave Enough to Pray

The harvest is great, but the workers are few.

Ellen Malau and her husband, Urbano, are at AIIAS in Indone­sia. They have two children, Zephaniah and Zaneta.

As a pastor’s wife, I’m always looking for opportunities to be involved in ministry. At the beginning of 2008, the Sabbath School committee in our church asked me to be the leader of the cell group in our neighborhood.

This was a challenge for me—to win people to Je­sus through our cell group. For the first and second months, we had no guests. It was difficult to invite anyone at all. Most of our neighbors are Muslim, and in our area they have no sympathy toward Christian people. Also, some other Christian denominations in our neighborhood always have a meeting at the same time, so they weren’t interested in coming ei­ther.

I almost gave up until one afternoon, I asked my two little children to come with me and invite people from around our neighborhood. First, I had my chil­dren join me to kneel down and pray. We asked the Holy Spirit to guide us to someone who would really need and accept our invitation.

There was a big house near ours that we hadn’t visited yet, but I had already met the old lady who owned the house when we chatted on the street. I felt the Holy Spirit speak to my heart and urge me to knock at the door.

When we knocked, a younger woman opened the door and said that the old lady wasn’t home. Disappointed, I asked her if I could leave the invita­tion card for the owner, the young woman’s mother-in-law.

To my surprise, she read the card and asked if she could attend the meeting also. “Of course!” I said. She told me that she had been Muslim until she married the old lady’s son and became a Christian, but she had never studied the Bible seriously. I could see she was hungry to know more.

At our next cell meeting, she was there. She shared about having dreams leading her to find the truth. She became a member of our cell group, at­tending regularly. After six months, she gave her life to Jesus and was baptized at the end of a big series of evangelistic meetings in our city.

One year later, by God’s grace and with the friendship and caring of our cell group, her husband, who had been a drunk, was also baptized. The next year another young woman gave her life to Jesus through our cell group.

I’m really glad that Jesus used me to find people to come to Him. If you really have a great desire to find and bring people to Jesus, just tell Him so. Tell Him how you want Him to use you, and then surrender all your wishes and your heart and your life to Him. He is waiting now for more of us to work with Him.