Ministry in Motion

An interview with Anthony Kent and Derek Morris.

By Janet Page

Janet Page (JP): Tell us about the exciting program called MINISTRYinMOTION.

Anthony Kent (AK): MINISTRYinMOTION is new! It launched this summer on the Hope Channel. It’s a program where we explore best practices for ministry in the twenty-first century. This program will be of special interest to pastors’ spouses and families since we are discussing issues that are very relevant for families in ministry. The program will also be of special interest to the families of local church elders and leaders within congregations.

JP: What is the format of this new program?

Derek Morris (DM): MINISTRYinMOTION is a 30-minute interview with one or two guests who have special expertise in a particular area of ministry. The programs are fresh and practical. Anthony and I have been blessed as we have met with our special guests. one of the really exciting aspects of the program is that it is not a monologue but more like a journey of discovery. In each program, we explore with gifted practitioners critical issues like the “how” of ministry and “making a difference” in ministry.

JP: How can readers of our JOURNAL access these exciting programs?

AK: MINISTRYinMOTION is broadcast four times per week in North America on DIRECTV 368 (Hope Channel):

Monday 8:30 AM Eastern Time Monday 11:30 AM Eastern Time Tuesday 2:00 PM Eastern Time Friday 2:00 PM Eastern Time

You are also able to watch programs at any time and without charge on our website. our web address is www.MINISTRYinMOTION.TV.

JP: What are some topics of interest to our readers that you are discussing with special guests on MINISTRYinMOTION?

DM: We have programs by Willie and Elaine Oliver on how to protect your marriage and how to build healthy relationships with your children. Bill Knott, editor of the Adventist Review, leads an excellent discussion on pastoral integrity. Claudio and Pamela Consuegra share some important insights about domestic abuse. The list goes on and on. All of these programs are freely available on our website.

JP: Can our readers make suggestions for upcoming programs on MINISTRYin MOTION?

AK: Absolutely! We want to deal with issues that are relevant to pastors and their families. Participants can send us suggestions at [email protected]. One extra and important thing: We are also seeking prayer support for MINISTRYinMOTION. Derek and I are both very aware that we are dependent upon God, and we are perpetually seeking God’s direction for this exciting initiative. People praying that this program will be significantly helpful to pastors, elders, and leaders within congregations and their families is really essential and appreciated.

JP: Thanks for sharing with our readers. I’m certain that God will bless pastoral families through this new media initiative.