From the Field

News from around the divisions.

By the Journal staff and various contributors

Northern Asia Pacific Division

Pastor David and Lynn Ripley held meetings in Taiwan at three churches in Taipei, Taichung, and Pingtung. In January, Lynn (NSD Shepherdess coordinator/assistant ministerial secretary) met with more than 30 pastors, spouses, and administrators. Their goals: to encourage attendees with Jesus’ presence in their ministries, to help them reclaim their call to faithfulness and fruitfulness, and to inspire revival and reformation.

Lynn reported, “We know prayers were with us because the discussion times were so encouraging, and as we prayed together we could feel the Holy Spirit’s presence. The pastoral spouses shared much about their busy schedules and challenges. I invited them back to strength through time with Jesus and [urged them] to mentor each other and members in their churches (even young women). Their names will be added to the NSD spouses’ prayer calendar. As we prayed together, it seemed they felt stronger.”

Southern-Africa Indian Ocean Division

Pastor and Mrs. Papu met with pastors and elders in Seychelles. “It was a privilege to meet with elders’ wives and shepherdesses for the first time!” said Mrs. Papu. “The Lord blessed all in a special way. It’s a beautiful island with only three pastors and 800 members, and they face unique challenges. Please remember them in your prayers. There is still a lot of work to be done here.”

November 2012 found pastors and their spouses from across the Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division in Mozambique for meetings. Jonas Arrais, Willie Hucks, and Jerry and Janet Page from the GC Ministerial Association, along with Raquel Arrais and Jongimpi and Patricia Papu, were speakers during the pastors’ meetings. God blessed their time together.

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