Question and Answer

What do you feel is the most challenging aspect of parenting as the pastor's family?

By the Journal staff and various contributors

Remembering that our families are our first ministry. Sometimes it seems we are running and doing to help others, but we forget our children NEED us too. We’ve tried to do twice monthly dates with our four kids to keep that special time. But it’s tough when there is a lot going on in the church.


The amount of attention our kids get all the time. Everyone wants to hold, play with, or buy things for them. People constantly comment on how cute they are, etc. We have to really work at deflecting so much of the praise and attention so that it doesn’t go to their heads.


 The biggest challenge in raising our kids has been the busy life of our ministry. Especially now that we serve in the conference, we have very little free time to spend together with our children.



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