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In what ways do you feel that the pastoral home most often comes under attack?

In what ways do you feel that the pastoral home most often comes under attack?

The most frequent attacks we see and feel in our home are ones against our health. We try to praise God through them (which is not always easy) because we know that if Satan is that mad, God is up to something wonderful! Also, from the work I do with The Hope of Survivors (assisting victims of clergy sexual abuse), I know the temptation to sexual sin/pornography CAN BE very high in a pastor’s home. There are a lot of factors that contribute to that vulnerability, though. We teach that some of the best things one can do to prevent the temptation are to maintain a close connection with the Lord and with one’s spouse, not to travel separately (as much as possible), and never to counsel members of the opposite sex alone.

Samantha Nelson

I think that one of the common attacks against pastoral families centers around spiritual discouragement and spiritual warfare.

Heather Owen Nudd

I believe that sexual temptation can be a great risk. The pastor’s job entails making relationships with people, which can leave them vulnerable if their home life isn’t stable. Pastors can also easily be tempted by porn.

Gez Depaz 

The pastoral home is just like any other household. Busy! Busy! Busy! My greatest fear is that my husband and I will be so busy saving the rest of the world that our own children slip through the cracks. Are we doing enough for them? For their spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being? It is the number one question I ask myself every evening after I switch off the light.

Rone Furstenberg

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