Keep Me Safe!

Discover what you can do when you feel scared, afraid, or hurt.

Karen Holford loves to help children understand how much Jesus loves them.

Do you know that you're very precious to God? He loves you so much, and he is sad when people hurt children or make them feel afraid. Here are some family worship activities and things to do and talk about that will help you learn about God's protection,. Discover what you can do when you feel scared, afraid, or hurt.  


  • Go on a hunt around your house to find ten different items that help protect something else. A pillow protects your head when you sleep; an egg carton protects eggs; shoes protect your feet. Can you think of more?
  • Read Psalm 91 together.
  • Look at the objects you found on your hunt. Tell how each item helps you understand something special about God’s protection for you.
  • Pray together, praising God and thanking Him for all the ways He has protected you and your family in the past.

Egg Carton Prayer

  • Find an egg carton with sections and  a lid. 
  • Cut out one paper egg shape for each  space in the box. 
  • Think about the people you know  who need protecting, including  yourself.
  • Write a sentence prayer for protection  on each egg shape. 
  • Decorate the box with pictures and  Bible verses about God’s protection.  

Keep it in a safe place. Add other prayers  for protection whenever you want.


God used brave people to protect His friends down through the ages.

  • Who did He help these people to protect?
  • Match the protector to the person (or people) they helped to keep safe.
  • Then write or tell how God helped them protect others.


You can be a protector too!

How can you help protect the following people and keep them safe?

Draw a picture of yourself helping each of these children, or write a list of things you could do to protect and help them.

  • A baby brother or sister
  • A friend who has fallen over and hurt their knee badly
  • A child who is being teased or bullied by other children
  • A child from another country who doesn’t speak your language very well


Jesus loved being with children! When the disciples tried to chase them away so He could rest, Jesus welcomed them with open arms. They sat on His lap while He told them wonderful stories. He put His hands on their heads and blessed them. He probably said something to each child to make them feel happy and loved.

Imagine that you went to see Jesus in a field or park near you. Draw a picture of yourself sitting on His lap or standing next to Him. What do you think He would say to you today to make you feel special? Write His message to you on your picture.

Remember that Jesus always cares about you and wants you to feel safe,  happy, and loved.

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