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Have you ever struggled with anxiety during times of stress or disappointment in ministry life?

By various authors

Have you ever struggled with anxiety during times of stress or disappointment in ministry life? What helped yo through? What have you learned that might help a fellow ministry spouse who is struggling with anxiety right now?


I have had some very stressful moments, and I am very blessed to have a supportive husband who listens and supports me. With much prayer and trust in God, I was able to get past them. I once tried to confide in a member I thought I could trust, but they made it their duty to let other members know, and before I knew it I was more stressed and upset.

What I have learned: the Lord has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, of love, and a sound mind. Pray to the Lord for peace and a sound mind. Pray for wisdom to overcome. Confide in your husband (hoping your situation has nothing to do with him), and when he is unable to help, speak to a very close and confidential family member. Talking always helps, but it has to be to the right person who wants to build you up. If the need is even stronger, seek a reputable Christian counselor (I have seen one before, it can be very helpful). 


Getting out in nature helps me, especially going to the mountains or to a clear stream or lake. Sitting there and praying, soaking up the beauty of God’s creation­ this helps so much. It’s just too bad we’re not living near any mountains right now, because I could use that peace at this time!


We are in a place where I find so much relief of anxiety with the beauty of nature. No wonder seminary was so rough—there was no place to hide! No, seriously, I find that the best way to relieve my stress is to completely vent with my husband . . . and let it all out. We can then see the issue or problem clearly, and then we pray together. If a church member is causing me stress or anxiety, I share it with my husband so that we can talk and pray it through.

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