From the Field

News from around the world.

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East-Central Africa Division


Pastors, spouses, and leaders of the newly organized Burundi Union met at Kivoga Adventist Secondary School for a one-week seminar including an ordination service and holy communion. Participants left feeling refreshed and ready to go forward for the Lord.


East Congo started the year with an ordination service for young pastors, an appreciation service in honor of mature pastors, and a jubilee celebration in honor of 105-year-old Silas Monga, a retired pastor who was accompanied by many family members. Following a sermon by Pastor Mwangachuchu, more than sixty people gave their hearts to Christ.

Southern Asia Division


The East Central India Union conducted a training program under the leadership of former Shepherdess director Sulochana Victor. Rose Christo, SUD Shepherdess coordinator, gave presentations about united prayer and the challenges of pastoral families, relationships, and parenting.

Southern Asia-Pacific Division


The North Philippine Union Conference held their Pastoral Partners Continuing Education Program in September 2013. This ongoing series of seminars equips pastoral spouses to meet the demands of their various roles. Topics included crisis ministry by Mark Pastor Monreal and Jay Fajardo, communication skills by Joyce Mondejar-Dy, and prayer ministry by Delba de Chavez.

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division


Patricia Papu, SID Shepherdess coordinator, recently met with 205 pastoral wives at Salima Technical College near Lake Malawi. The group celebrated the 25th anniversary of Shepherdess support with a beautiful cake. Please remember this special group of ladies as they face the many challenges in their area.


Zambia Union Conference pastors’ spouses held public meetings for two weeks in August and September 2013. V. Kapambwe preached each night on the theme “Campaign for Christ,” and the co-speaker was Mrs. Isiteketo. As a result of the meetings, 21 people were baptized. Support staff included other pastors’ wives: Liywalii (Zambia Union Conference coordinator), Mukabila (ZBUC treasurer), Chibala (ZBUC secreatary), Muyunda (WZF sponsor), Kayongo (WZF coordinator), Mutemwa, Ilukena, and Situmbaeto.

In addition to preaching the gospel, the women followed in the footsteps of Jesus by meeting the physical needs of community members. Some patients who needed evacuation were taken to Lewanika General Hospital. The women also assisted area families with clothing and food.


For the Mission to the Cities initiative, SID chose Luanda as the focus city. There were 55 evangelism sites with speakers from Brazil, USA, and SID, including Patricia Papu, SID Shepherdess coordinator. Baptisms totaled 25,000. Elders’ and pastors’ wives also met together, visited hospice, and donated food and a Hope Channel dish.