Question and answer

How do you make Sabbath the BEST day of the week?

We serve the best meal of the week, with special treats for the kids to make it special. 

--Daliya Smith

A stroll along the beach together and closing Sabbath while watching the sunset.

--Robyn B-w

On Friday night we light candles all over the house, play pretty music, have a candlelit dinner, sing songs, play, pray, and read the Bible together as a family. Sabbath days are busy and sometimes spent apart. . . . But we cherish Friday nights together as a family!

--Katie Miller

We try not to have meetings on Sabbath, except for family and worship activities such as church, vespers, etc.

--Elizabeth Fresse

We have special toys for our young children that they are only allowed to play with on Sabbath.

--Eric Crews

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