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What makes you feel most united in ministry with your spouse? When you're feeling out of harmony, what do you do to get back on track?

What makes you feel most united in ministry with your spouse? When you're feeling out of harmony, what do you do (outside of prayer, of course) to get back on track? 

I feel united when my husband asks me to preach a special sermon with him or to sing with him. --Tami Lee

I love doing hospital/member/interest visits with him. I feel we complement each other very well in those situations, and it satisfies me greatly to have contributed in that way. Out of harmony? Well, I take stock. Usually I have to stop nagging, apologize, and remember he is the pastor, not I! Going for a brisk walk together and talking it out usually helps. --Karyl Bahr Krieger

I love when I can add to his sermons with a special music that fits the sermon. And when he tells me how much I add to his ministry, just by being support and doing the background stuff, it makes me feel we are partners. --Kim Dorn Cove

When I sing with him in church, I feel united. I also like when we make hospital visits or home visits and I get to know God’s people on a deeper level. I also love it when my hubby takes time away from the church and ministry to spend just with the family. . . . How do we get back on track when we’re out of sync? I have yet to figure that one out! . . . We pray and ask God to provide the means and a place to retreat in order to drown out the world. --Stephani J. Mason

I feel united when we plan and work in ministry: evangelistic camps or meetings, prayers, sermon series, etc. Praying together gets us back in harmony. Having time out together is great too: to enjoy each other’s presence without thinking about church needs but focusing on each other’s needs. --Estelle Foo Mei Jye

I’m most fulfilled when I do what God created me to do and when I can help my husband do what God has called him to do. When I only try to help him without being true to God’s calling on my life, we get out of sync. When I just focus on my “calling,” without reference to the wonderful man God has given me, I’m out of sync.--Sharon Norvell Leukert

I feel most united in ministry with my spouse when we are actively working together on evangelistic projects— preparing materials, talking, praying, and organizing together. When we are out of harmony, I ask him if there is anything I can do to help or to take the load off of him. --Denise Darrett-Johnson

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