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East-Central Africa Division

In March 2014, pastors, spouses, and children met for meetings in Kisangani. They face many challenges, so please pray for them.

In November 2014, Rudi and Antoinette Mwangachuchu, the ECD ministerial secretary and Shepherdess coordinator, met with pastors, spouses, and their children in Kenya for a Shepherdess congress held at Nakuru at Victonel Academy.

Ethiopia Union Mission held training for pastors and spouses in November 2014. Meetings were held at the Shashemene Adventist Church.

The following is a pictorial report of events during 2014:

Central Uganda Conference ministry spouses seek to serve as complementary teammates. After planting the Wattuba Church in 2012 on the outskirts of Kampala City, they organized an evangelisic campaign to plant another church. These meetings were conducted at the Lwamaggwa Trading Centre. These photos are from their three weeks of ministry

Inter-American Division

Ministry families in North Jamaica Conference (NJC) listened to Everett and Lana Brown, president and Shepherdess sponsor, talk about their love in the context of ministry. “If we are going to be united in love and ministry, it is critical for pastoral couples to take time from their busy schedule to pray individually and together,” said Pastor Brown in March 2015.

The Inter-American Division is calling 2015 the Year of the Pastor. According to Dyhann Buddoo-Fletcher, NJC Shepherdess president, “As wives we could not let this acknowledgement and celebration begin without our input, because it is our duty to ensure that our pastors receive that special touch of support to make their ministries what they ought to be, under God.”

Each couple was presented with a framed picture of themselves. The pastors received a pastor’s pin and their wives received the Seventh-day Adventist Church logo pin.

The group celebrated the years that married couples have served together, including Alanzo and Sharon Whyte, who were given a beautiful plaque for their 31 years of marriage. Elesa Marsh-Archer, NJC Shepherdess sponsor, said, “It was a wonderful experience, pastors and wives coming together and sharing with each other.

The atmosphere was one of openness and appreciation. I believe this has been a source of motivation to all our ministerial families.”

North American Division

Pastoral spouses from Northern New England Conference gathered for a retreat in March 2015.

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

In April 2014, Patricia Papu, SID Shepherdess coordinator, met with GC family ministries leaders, along with Antoinette Mwangachuchu, ECD Shepherdess coordinator, for family ministries training.

An interdenominational support group started with a planning session in February 2015. Six ladies participated. Marlene Jooste prepared a one-year planner, with six topics from the Adventurer awards program. They chose to do scrapbooks, brain and behavior, flower arranging, music, and needlework. They are excited to make linen bags to replace plastic carrier bags. Spiritual topics included marriage and ways to become more God-fearing women.

Epaphras Ministry is another SID initiative, which focuses on prayer, studying the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, and encouraging pastors’ wives to live prayerful, devoted lives. During the February leadership meetings, Bibles were given to all pastoral spouses.

Southern Asia Division

In March 2014 the Southwest India Union held a training session for ministry spouses in Trivandrum, Kerala