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Ten Fun Ways to Learn a Memory Verse.

Editor's Note: See the PDF for the accompany pictures and activities, including some clues and answers to various games (p. 24): 


Ten Fun Ways to Learn a Memory Verse

1. Buy a packet of alphabet pasta. Pour the letters onto a large dish. Find all the letters you need to spell out your memory verse. See who can complete the verse first, or work together to spell out the words.

2. Create a rebus (picture sentence) of the memory verse. Find pictures in old magazines to illustrate the different words. Add and subtract letters to help you create the words you need. For example “and” might be the picture of a hand minus an “h,” and “love” might be a picture of a glove minus a “g” (see some examples at http://scripturelady. com/rebus-bible-verses-for-kids/).

3. Write each word of a Bible verse on a different card or piece of paper. See how quickly you can pin them to a rope line (such as a laundry line).

4. Write each word on a large piece of paper. Lay them out in the right order, like stepping stones. Secure them to the floor with painter’s tape so they don’t slip. Step from one word to the next, saying the words as you walk. Keep repeating the journey until you have memorized the verse.

5. Arrange some objects to help you remember a memory verse. For example: “Taste and see that the Lord is good” (Ps. 34:8). Place a piece of delicious fruit on the table, then a pair of glasses or a magnifying glass, followed by a Bible, and then something good, such as bread. Why not take a photo of your arrangement and turn it into a card or poster?

6. Make a Bible word collage. Cut the words for your memory verse from an old newspaper or church magazine. If you can’t find a word, cut out separate letters to spell the word. Stick the words and letters onto a sheet of paper to spell out the memory verse.

7. Make a Bible verse poster, card, or bookmark. Use your favorite art and craft materials to create a suitable design for the verse.

8. Write a Bible verse on a piece of card. Then cut the card into pieces to make a jigsaw. Put the pieces back together again to make the memory verse.

9. Choose a Bible verse. Write the first letter of each word in the verse on a small card. So “Taste and see that the Lord is good” would be “TASTTLIG Psalm 34:8.” Make a few cards with different verses. Pick up a card and guess what the verse might be. Or keep the cards in your pocket to remind you of the whole verse.

10. Write each word of a Bible verse on a separate card. Ask someone to shuffle the cards and place them around your yard or around a room where you can run about. You should be able to see all the words. Run to each word in the verse, in the right order, saying the words as you touch them. Repeat the activity, hiding a different word each time until you can run and say the verse without seeing any of the words.

Fun Fact

Did you know that your brain learns things better when you laugh? It’s also more creative and better at solving problems after it’s had a good giggle! Do something that makes you laugh, like looking at funny pictures of animals or asking an adult to tell you a favorite joke. Then try to learn a Bible verse or do your schoolwork. Do you think laughing helps?

Future Learning? What would you most like to learn? How to fly, ride a horse, play the piano, draw mountains, design computer games, or something else amazing?

• Draw a What would you most like to learn? How to fly, ride a horse, play the piano, draw mountains, design computer games, or something else amazing?

• Draw a picture of a skill you’d like to learn.

• Then show your picture to an adult and see if they can guess what you’d like to learn.

What did you learn this week?/

Ask four adults what they learned this week. Draw a picture of the person in one of the squares below and write what they learned in the line underneath. The wisest people never stop learning (Prov. 1:5).