Tips to Thrive

Don't be afraid to make friends.

Don't be afraid to make friends

Even though your heart might feel as if it’s breaking every time you move and have to leave close friends behind—don’t be afraid to make friends in your church. Yes, moving is hard. Yes, it can even seem hard to make friends in the first place. But it is worth it!

Being a pastor’s wife can be a lonely job, and having close friends to support, encourage, and pray with and for you is such a blessing! As you make friends in the church, you will have people to work alongside with in ministry, which is way more fun than serving alone. And—did we mention—more hugs, smiles, and fun times? So open your heart—be willing to be a friend and allow people to be friends with you.

Start praying God will lead you to good friendships. Get involved in church ministries and attend programs and events that allow you to meet people. Take initiative; start reaching out. As God starts making connections, get to know your new friends by asking questions about their lives and the things that matter to them.

As you are open and willing to share in return, bonding will naturally take place. Don’t be afraid to invite friends over for a meal, go shopping together, or work on a project together. In doing this, you will be a blessing and will be richly blessed yourself

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