De-stressing Together

Try some of these ideas when you need to relax together as a couple.

Ministry life can be hectic and stressful. If we don’t find healthy ways to refresh our spiritual lives, relationships, bodies, thoughts, and emotions, then stresses can build up. We end up feeling ill, tired, and irritable. De-stressing together is even better for you because it helps you make positive connections as a couple.

Try some of these ideas when you need to chill out together:

• Pray a short prayer for each other. Ask God to help your spouse experience His love and guidance during the day ahead. Pray for the challenges each of you are facing. Place them in God’s hands and let Him look after them.

• Play soothing worship music in your home or listen through headphones when you’re on the move. Let the inspiring words soak into your mind and remind you of God’s love and peace.

• Create a box of cards containing your favorite Bible verses. Choose one to read at breakfast and keep the words in your mind throughout the day. You might try doodling your own designs on the verse cards.

• Choose some fragrant body lotion that you both enjoy and spend a few moments massaging each other’s hands.

• Light some candles to create a soothing atmosphere in your home. If you prefer not to light real candles, find some good batteryoperated ones that flicker naturally.

• Do something active together. Run around the block. Take a brisk walk or climb a hill. Go for a short cycle ride. Or play some lively praise music and praise God with every part of your body.

• Create a peaceful zone in your home—a neat, attractive corner with a couple of comfy chairs, some candles, flowers, and a basket of soothing activities.

• Make a list together of 30 things God is doing for you, or things He has made for you to enjoy. Spend a few moments being thankful for each one. Or walk through your home together and tell each other three things you are most thankful for in each room.

• Walk somewhere tranquil for half an hour. Immerse yourselves in the wonder of God’s creation by focusing carefully on the details of the flowers, trees, birds, and scenery. Find five natural objects to take home and arrange on a plate to remind you of your walk.

• Lie on your backs on a blanket on the grass, hold hands, and watch the clouds or stars in the sky.

• Tell each other about one of your really happy memories. Thank God for the memories and the fun times.

• Try smelling lavender, oranges, or freshly baked bread. These fragrances are naturally calming.

• Spend five minutes trying to make each other laugh. A merry heart does good like a medicine (Prov. 17:22).

• Place some golf balls in a couple of basins. Sit down and roll your feet over them to give yourselves an instant foot massage.

• Have a long cuddle together. Cuddling someone you love releases happy, healthy hormones into your bloodstream.

• Have “tea breaks” in your home. Agree on a regular time to take a break from your work so you can sit down together with a favorite drink. Make the break last 15 minutes by sipping slowly and talking about the good things that have happened in your day.

• Break the habit of staying up late to do more work. Set a curfew so you stop working at least half an hour before bedtime to do something soothing. Step outside and blow bubbles together. Blowing bubbles makes you breathe out slowly, which helps your whole body to calm down. And it’s fun, too! Or have a fragrant bubble bath together.

• Do something simple and creative together: weed your yard, plant flowers, hook a rug, or bake bread.

• Follow the adult coloring trend by using some creative Christian coloring sheets with prayers and Bible verses. Visit to purchase downloadable designs. Or search the Internet for free Christian coloring pages.

• One of the best antidotes to stress and depression is doing kind things for other people. Spend 20 minutes doing something kind for each other, or work together to do something generous for someone else.

• Imagine you’re both sitting in God’s lap and He’s giving you a big hug. What do you think He would say and do to help you both feel peaceful and loved?

Soothing Kit

• Soothing praise and worship CDs or nature sounds

• A copy of Philippians from your favorite Bible version (Philippians is packed with positive attitude)

• Sachets of hot chocolate or specialty tea bags

• Fragrant lavender bag

• Devotional books and inspiring true stories

• Scented votive candles

• Inspirational coloring sheets and good quality crayons

• Tubs of bubbles to blow

• Fragrant hand creams or bubble baths

• Notecards to send to friends

• A gratitude journal and pen

• A box or notebook of inspiring Bible verses and quotes

• Small, simple craft projects, such as a cross-stitch Bible bookmark

• Interesting and engaging puzzles

• Photo album of happy memories

• A snuggly quilt or throw