What do you think heaven will be like? Here are some heavenly worship activities to share with your family

Karen Holford writes from Scotland. She’s looking forward to living with Jesus and learning even more about God’s amazing love for us.

Editor's Note: See the PDF for the accompanying pictures and activities (p. 26): http://cdn.ministerialassociation.org/cdn/ministerialassociation.org/assets/spouses/sij-archives-en/2016/sij-en-2016-1.pdf?201610131500

I’m really looking forward to heaven, aren’t you? I can’t wait to be with Jesus! I plan to learn so much about God and explore the whole universe with Him. I want to live in a place where no one will ever be sad or lonely or sick or tired!

What about you? What do you think heaven will be like? Here are some heavenly worship activities to share with your family.


Design a heavenly city.

• Use a large sheet of paper. Or use old wallpaper and stick two strips together to make an extra-big square.

• Mark three gates on each side of the square—you’ll have twelve gates. Draw straight roads across the paper to join the opposite gates and create a grid. Use this road map to make a layout for your heavenly city.

• Involve the whole family in making or drawing houses, parks, golden streets, pearly gates, and walls of precious stone. Use papers, sparkly scraps, toy bricks, and boxes from your recycling bin to build your amazing heavenly city.

• Why not send us a photo of your heavenly city? We’d love to see it!


Read John 14:1-3. Jesus is making a room for you in heaven!

• Take an old shoebox and make a model of the room that Jesus is getting ready for you in heaven. Make furniture from scraps of paper and cardboard.

• What will the walls look like? What furniture might you need? What do you have in your bedroom right now that you won’t need in heaven?

• If you don’t want to build a model, draw a picture instead.

• Jesus is preparing a special place for you in heaven. What are you doing to prepare for heaven? Remember how much He loves you and looks forward to seeing you!


Read Revelation 21:1 to 22:5 from your favorite Bible version. Then wonder about these questions together:

• What do you like best about this picture of heaven?

• What do you most look forward to in heaven?

• What do you think is the most important thing about going to heaven?

• How does this Bible picture of heaven help you understand God’s love for you?


Jesus has invited us to live in heaven with Him. It will be way better than the most amazing party and praise time you can ever imagine.

• Design an invitation from Jesus asking you to come live in heaven with Him.

• Make it look really heavenly and choose your best craft materials.

• Make a special invitation and give it to someone who doesn’t know that Jesus has invited them to heaven.


Make a game to help you learn John 14:2-3.

• Ask your parents to help you find a wipe-off marker.

• Write each word of these Bible verses on separate plastic building bricks (such as Legos).

• Then place the bricks in the right order to build a wall out of the verse. Hold the bricks carefully so you don’t rub the words off before you start.

• Each time you read the verses aloud, rub off one or two more words until you have wiped off all the words and the bricks are clean. By that time you’ll know these amazing verses by heart.

• If you don’t have toy bricks or wipeoff markers, cut rectangles from paper or thin cardstock. Write one word on each rectangle, and lay them in order to make the Bible verses. Each time you read the verses, turn a few cards upside down. Repeat the verses until you can say them perfectly without seeing any words at all.


You are a child of God, the King of the Universe! That makes you a prince or princess!

• Ask a grown-up to help you make a cardboard crown to wear.

• Write on the crown “I am a child of God.” Then decorate the crown with stickers, gems, or markers.

• Wear your crown and do something kind for someone in your home, just like a heavenly prince or princess.

• Or make a sign to stick on your mirror or bedroom door to remind you that you’re a child of God.

• What do you think the princes and princesses of heaven might do each day?


Talk with your family about how wonderful heaven will be.

• What do you think you’ll do in heaven? Plan a whole heavenly day together.

• What could you do as a family to make earth more like a little piece of heaven? Make a list of ideas and see how many you can do in a week.


Whom would you like to see in heaven?

• Draw a picture of heaven.

Include your family and any other people you especially want to see there.

• Gather your family in a circle around your picture and pray that each person in the picture will be in heaven.

• Keep your picture as a reminder to pray for the special people in your life.


Find a quiet place and imagine you’re sitting on Jesus’ lap, just like the children in the Bible. Imagine you’re snuggling into His chest and He’s hugging you and smiling at you and telling you amazing stories.

• What would you like to say to Jesus? What questions would you like to ask Him, and what would you most like to thank Him for?

• What do you think Jesus would like to say to you? “I love you!” “I made you special!” “I’m so glad you’re My child!” What else might He say to encourage you?