Praying for each other

If you have a special prayer request, or you’d simply like some friends in ministry to pray for you, email [email protected].

If you have a special prayer request, or you’d simply like some friends in ministry to pray for you, email [email protected]. If requested, the prayer needs you share will be kept confidential, but all heaven promises to get involved!

Our Facebook page ( groups/ministerialspouses) has an active prayer session every Wednesday called “Wednesday’s Prayer Circle.”

In this issue you're invited to pray especially for the ministry wives in the East Central Africa Division. They represent countless gifts and gracious ministry to those around them. Someday you will get acquainted with them in heaven and realize you prayed for very special friends you didn’t know yet!

South Sudan has much war going on, and the people struggle with medical needs and lack of food. Please pray for the entire country, as well as for those who are greatly affected in all three fields (GUNF, GBF, and GEF). Clement Joseph Arkangelo Mawa, the conference president, writes, “Thanks for praying for peace, means of feeding, and the health of the pastors’ wives.”

North East Congo Union is also experiencing war and instability. Mrs. Antoinette Mwangachuchu, the North East Congo Union Shepherdess coordinator, writes: “The entire territory needs prayers. There are so many issues: war, insecurity, lack of communication, and so on. The work is not easy due to the situation our country is experiencing. I am among those who need prayers.”

Southern Tanzania Union Mission needs prayer especially for Shepherdesses who are ministering to families in desperate need. In February a group of 10 pastors’ spouses from South-East Tanzania Conference traveled 80 kilometers (50 miles) to the village of Msanga. The goal of their mission was to visit a family of physically disabled members, whom they had learned about through a news broadcast.

They found a struggling family— a mother, her daughter, and her two sons, all of whom had been born crippled. None of them could stand or walk but had to move by crawling. A while back they had been given a wheelchair, and the mother would haul her children, one at a time, to school every morning and pick them up in the afternoon. This proved to be a tiresome exercise for her, however, and as time went by the wheelchair needed regular maintenance, which she could not afford. So the children were no longer attending school.

The pastors’ wives also found in the same village a crippled man living alone in a tent supported by four wooden poles. He has no relatives and faces the challenges of hot weather, winds, and wetness during rainy seasons.

The Shepherdesses were moved with compassion and donated foodstuffs to these two families. They also decided to build a tworoom shelter and to facilitate education for the crippled children. They ask for your prayers as they minister to make a difference.

East Kenya Union just experienced the tragic loss of the Shepherdess coordinator from Nyamira Conference, Joyce Nyapara Nyakengo. Just one week after attending an advisory and leaving excited about the challenge ahead of her, she had a collision with another motorbike on her way to work. She was thrown onto the road and crushed by a passing truck. Please pray for her husband, Richard Momanyi Nyakengo, who is the conference ministerial secretary. Also pray for the children, Renah Nyaboke Momanyi, Joshua Momanyi Bosire, Rebecca Mwango Momanyi, Naomi Barongo Momanyi, and Prudence Bosibori Momanyi.

“Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” (Matthew 18:19, NKJV)

“A chain of earnest, praying believers should encircle the world. Let all pray in humility. A few neighbors may meet together to pray for the Holy Spirit. Let those who cannot leave home, gather in their children, and unite in learning to pray together. They may claim the promise of the Saviour: ‘Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them’ (Matthew 18:20).” In Heavenly Places, p. 93