From the Field

News from around the world.

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East-Central Africa Division

The Shepherdesses on the East-Central Africa Division (ECD) compound are composed of Shepherdesses from ECD, Adventist University of Africa (AUA), and Maxwell Academy. They wanted to set an example at the division so that good things will happen in the unions.

In March, the division launched continuing education. In April, the Shepherdesses prepared a banquet for their husbands to express their full support in ministry. They spent time praying, singing, and encouraging one another in ministry. The pastors were extremely happy and asked when the event would happen again.

In August, this same group of Shepherdesses did community outreach by visiting an orphanage run by an Adventist widow. The woman provides motherly love to the 64 orphans, from ages 2 to 16. The attachment she has with them can be seen, even though behind every child there is a sad story. The Shepherdesses worshiped with the children, as well as took clothing, food, and toiletries, and every child received a bag of gifts.

All of the children above age 12 are baptized members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. They were singing praises to God, memorizing Bible texts, and doing other church activities.

ECD pastors’ spouses have found various ways to participate in Total Member Involvement. When you are ready, God directs you where to go, and there is joy in being involved for the Master.

Southern Asia Division

On May 14, 2016, Southern Asia Division (SUD) churches held special programs to celebrate and honor Shepherdesses. In some churches the pastors’ wives were involved in a vespers, Sabbath School program, lesson study, worship service, and sundown worship. The Southern Asia churches prayed for the leadership and work of Shepherdesses around the world. Pastor Jerry and Mrs. Janet Page were especially remembered. Special prayers were also offered for those who have donated to incomegenerating assistance projects, pastors’ children education aid, and the widows’ fund. It was a great blessing.

Southern Asia–Pacific Division

Helen Gulfan, Shepherdess coordinator for Southern AsiaPacific Division (SSD), attended the North Philippine Union Advisory planned by Delba de Chavez.

Bangladesh Union Mission (BAUM) Shepherdess coordinator, Mahuya Roy, organized a Shepherdess training seminar in the BAUM conference room for all Shepherdesses. She spoke about objectives of Shepherdess International and qualities of pastors’ wives. With BAUM ministerial secretary, Pastor Daniel Baidya, and seven Shepherdess participants, the program was very fruitful for all attendees.

West-Central Africa Division

Cameroon Union Mission shared at a West-Central Africa Division (WAD) advisory in Abidjan some things Shepherdesses have been doing in Cameroon.

Western Nigeria Union Conference held a Shepherdess convention in August 2016 at Babcock University. The theme was “Empowered for Team Ministry,” and more than 200 Shepherdesses attended. They made plans to host a PK congress, to begin training deacons and deaconesses in 2017, and to encourage every local conference to host a ministerial retreat every two years. Other plans for the future include sharing prayer and Bible promises through text messages, beginning prayer chains with coordinators, visiting the motherless and less privileged, and visiting retired Shepherdesses with a gift.