Tips to Thrive

Take the initiative and begin to reach out to others.

Reach Out!

When you feel lonely because it seems that no one reaches out to you, no one calls you, no one invites you to do anything, or no one appears to take an interest in you, maybe it’s time for a paradigm shift. Maybe it’s time to take initiative and begin reaching out to others.

It’s rare for a friendship to just “happen” without your doing anything to initiate or foster it. So don’t wait for friends to find you—start being a friend to others. Begin looking for people in your church, in your neighborhood, or at your child’s school with whom you might connect.

Make it a point to say hello and interact with these people. As you feel comfortable, pursue conversation with them. Ask them about their interests and their lives. You will be surprised at how your efforts are appreciated and reciprocated.

Here are some practical ideas that might work for you in battling loneliness and developing friendships:

• Take time each week to text or call a few people with whom you’re interested in becoming better friends. Friendship takes communication.

• Invite people to spend time with you, rather than waiting to be invited. Ask them out to lunch, over for dinner, to go shopping with you, etc.

• Attend and participate in as many church events and ministries as you can. There you will have the opportunity to get to know more people who share similar values and connect on various levels.

• Join a local moms group or Bible study. Seek out people who are in the same stage of life as you are. Your commonalities will help you connect.

• Share produce from your garden, homemade food, or gifts with people you want to become better friends with. This will help create a bond as people see that you really care about them.

As you intentionally seek to reach out, you will begin to meet people and form connections that could potentially grow into great friendships. Friendships take time and work, but don’t be afraid to invest in relationships that you would like to see grow. You will be blessed.