From the Field

Shepherdess news from around the world.

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Euro-Asia Division

More than 300 young people gathered in July for a congress of pastors’ children sponsored by the Ukrainian Union Conference. The weekend included singing, prayer ministry, devotionals, and group discussion time. Special emphasis was placed on the development of talents and personal skills to be used in the Lord’s service. The climax of the congress was a baptismal service held Friday night; eight precious souls made the decision to follow Jesus and commit their lives to Him.

Southern Asia Division

Shepherdesses in the Gujarat Conference are actively sharing their faith with their neighbors and seeing amazing results! A pastor’s wife in Madhya Pradesh has become well-known for her prayer life. Her Hindu neighbors asked her to pray for their missing buffalo, and when three of the buffalo came home safely, they decided to begin attending the Adventist church. They were impressed with the power of prayer.

Another story is told of a Shepherdess in Lavchali who offered special prayer for a woman who desperately wanted a child. Her husband had asked for a divorce because, after 10 years of marriage, they had not been able to have children. After six months of continuous prayer and faith, the woman became pregnant and has now delivered a baby girl. The family has been restored!

East-Central Africa Division

Central Kenya Conference ministerial leadership recently organized a weeklong congress for pastors’ kids (PKs) of all ages from across the central Kenya region. This unique camp meeting featured sermons and devotionals specific to PKs and lots of social time. By the end of the week, 28 participants gave their lives to Jesus; 21 of these were ready for baptism! Some who attended were inspired to form more PK associations across the country.

South Africa-Indian Ocean Division

Shepherdesses in the Cape Conference of South Africa recently completed a women’s ministries leadership training course. Instruction was given in communication skills, conditions of women in the Bible, effective public speaking, and more. This special program enables Shepherdesses to train, equip, and empower the women in their local churches for ministry. More training programs are planned for other regions as well.

South American Division

Ministerial spouses enjoyed time together at AFAM councils throughout the South American Division, including in Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Ecuador