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Shepherdess news from around the world.

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East-Central Africa Division

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Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

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Southern Asia Division

A Shepherdess seminar was held in Nepal in August at the Udayapur Rajabas SDA Church and Itahari SDA Church. Mrs. Sofia Wilson, Shepherdess director of SUD, Mrs. Shanti Lata Pokharel, Shepherdess director of the Nepal section, and Pastor Umesh Kumar Pokharel were the speakers during the seminar.

Though the present situation in Nepal is unfavorable for conducting any evangelistic meetings, God made it possible to conduct a fruitful seminar. Women, particularly evangelists’ wives, learned how they could be effective in serving God with their spouses.

After the seminar at Udayapur and Itahari, the officers came to Kathmandu. Local church leaders from about eight churches gathered in Dhulikhel at Elder Bhaju’s home, which is also called Adventist Point. There the group had a special prayer meeting and worship service with Mrs. Sofia Wilson, Mrs. Shanti Lata Pokharel, and Pastor Umesh Pokharel.

A Shepherdess Council was held in July 2016 in Hosur, Southern Asia Division. All 24 newly appointed Shepherdess coordinators from various unions, conferences, sections, and attached fields were enriched and blessed.

About 30 Shepherdesses from Bangalore Metro Conference gathered at Spencer Tamil Church for a Shepherdess seminar on December 11, 2016. The theme was “Reflecting Jesus.”