praying for another personThe resources on this page have been compiled with the hope and prayer that the ideas and suggestions will encourage you to make prayer the top priority in your church. As you develop this ministry in your church, remember the following:

  • Prayer ministry provides an opportunity for the church to be more intentional about prayer.
  • Prayer ministry supports all of your church’s other programs and ministries.
  • Christ said that in the last days—in the days of the harvest—we should be praying. This ministry will encourage members to maintain an active prayer life.
  • When there is a dedicated prayer ministry within a church, more people can become involved, more families reached, and more intercessors actively praying for others.
  • More power is promised to the praying church.
  • More prayer is needed in the church—intentional prayer for pastors, teachers, church leaders, and every member.
  • Most importantly, an active prayer life will carry people into a deeper relationship with Christ and with one another.