Tips to Thrive - Issue 3 2018

Tips to Thrive

IT’S FRIDAY. SABBATH IS COMING, and the house needs to be cleaned! Doing it all in one day can be overwhelming and stressful if you’re racing the clock to finish before sundown. Why not make it easier by splitting your home into sections and cleaning some areas earlier in the week?

Usually, some parts of a home get less use than others and could be cleaned ahead of time (a guest room, a guest bathroom, etc). These rooms could be cleaned on Monday and likely kept clean all week. Other spaces, such as your kitchen, are used multiple times a day and need to be cleaned on Friday just before Sabbath.

Consider splitting your home into five or six sections and cleaning one section each day, based on its use and visibility. If you often host people on Sabbaths, clean the most visible spaces—such as the kitchen, dining room, and living room—on Thursday and Friday. Rooms such as your bedroom can be cleaned earlier in the week. Using this method, the whole house will be cleaned at some point each week.

You could do all your Sabbath preparation this way. For example, wash and iron your Sabbath clothes on Monday and polish your shoes on Tuesday. Plan your Sabbath menu, buy groceries, and plan any Sabbath afternoon activities on Wednesday. Finish house cleaning
and food preparation on Thursday and Friday.

Find a system that works for you to make your Friday a lot more enjoyable!