Tips To Thrive

Tips to Thrive_4 2018


Since our greatest goal in life is to have our children saved in God’s kingdom, their “straying” in any way is our greatest grief. But do not lose faith in God’s power. The most important thing is to pray earnestly for them
every day—many times a day. Repeat God’s promises to yourself often.

Always show them love and acceptance and try not to show rejection of any kind—that would not be unconditional
love. If our love is like God’s, it will never change, even with their wrong decisions and actions. Remind them of your love frequently.

Keep communication open. If they are willing to talk, communicate as often as they want to. Some children don’t want to communicate, but if you know where they are, send texts, notes, pictures, quotes, or interesting articles—but beware of sending anything “preachy” or condemning.

Keep a positive attitude about their lives. Ask God to help you keep your faith in them (and in Him) strong. It may take a long time, but God’s timeclock is far better than ours!

Remember to pray, pray, pray, and keep claiming God’s promises. Here are a few texts to ponder: Isaiah 49:24,
25 and 54:13; Jeremiah 24:7 and 31:16, 17; 1 John 5:14; Luke 1:17; Romans 4:20, 21; Matthew 12:20;
Philippians 1:6; Numbers 23:19.