From the Field

From the Field-Issue 1 2019

Ministerial Spouse news from around the world.

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East-Central Africa Division

Pastors, spouses, and pastors’ kids met in northeast Congo in September 2018 for a ministerial council. In the plenary sessions they discussed pastoral issues and prayed for the ministry and pastoral families. During workshops, the ministerial spouses did continuing education and prayed together for one another’s needs.

Inter-European Division
Jerry and Janet Page taught about prayer and spiritual life. They emphasized how the salvation of pastoral families and the explosion of spiritual and numerical growth for the church depend on leaders being filled with the Holy Spirit daily and engaging in spiritual disciplines.

Southern Asia Division
Jerry and Janet Page held prayer conferences throughout India in October/November 2018. Leaders met to strengthen their continual connection to the Lord and to learn how to conduct more united prayer meetings in their areas. They also spent much time praying together. This was an opportunity to strengthen team ministry and prepare for the upcoming TMI focus throughout India and Nepal.

Southern Asia-Pacific Division
The first Shepherdess International Training was conducted in October 2018 in Udon Thani, Thailand, alongside the region’s LAR annual training. This year five pastoral wives joined in the training. The following topics were covered:

1. Shepherdess as a Leader:
     • In her home
     • In the church
     • In her job
     • In the community
2. Church Policies
3. Family Relationships
4. Conflict Management in Marriage

This year we were blessed to have Mrs. Pavini and her husband, Pastor Suradej, from Udon as our guest speakers, as well as Pastor Rungsit, former Thailand Mission president. We also started a support group via telephone. Yearly visits to different provinces will support pastoral spouses regarding Internet connection, education levels, language barriers, and other pertinent issues.