From the Field

From the Field-Issue 4 2019

Ministerial spouse news from around the world.

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Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

In June 2019, shepherdesses attended a prayer conference for ministerial couples in Windhoek, Namibia.

Also in June 2019, ministerial couples met in Katima Mulilo, Namibia, for a prayer conference.


Southern Asia Division
Many unions in India held a Shepherdess Day of Prayer. 

Eshwramma Peter, Shepherdess coordinator for Bangalore Metro Conference, reports that shepherdesses and retirees participated in the programs. There were also  touching testimonies and singing at the churches. Shepherdesses were honored for their faithful service, and special prayers were offered for them. They were motivated to serve the Lord by using their abilities and talents.

Shepherdess International Day - Himalayan Section
Shanti Pokharel, Shepherdess coordinator for Himalayan Section, reports that Shepherdess International Day was observed in December 2018 in various churches  throughout Nepal. A special program was organized to honor the pastors’ wives in recognition of their contribution to the growth of the church. They were presented with shawls and provided with a special fellowship lunch after the service.

West-Central Africa Division

In July 2019, Ashanti Central Conference held a Shepherdess retreat. During the retreat they learned how to make fascinators (hair bands) at Bobiri Forest and Butterfly Sanctuary.

In June 2019, shepherdesses from the Mountain View Conference visited a children’s orphanage in North Ghana and donated supplies.