From the Field

From the Field-Issue 1 2020

Ministerial Spouse news from around the world.

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Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

The Helderberg College Shepherdess Chapter (HCSC) meets at least twice a month during the academic calendar. Programs and activities help train and nurture spouses of the theology students. The group aims to provide opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, clarify the role of a pastor’s spouse, help spouses cope with challenges, and train them for team ministry. They conducted many sessions of prayer with a WhatsApp group, with a focus on praying for one another.

Adele Beukes reports that the Northern Conference in South Africa chose activities to involve ministerial spouses in areas of spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health. They conducted cooking demonstrations of healthy breakfast foods, such as waffles, lentil dishes, and a chickpea spread. The pastors’ spouses were also encouraged to give Bible studies, preach, and get involved in Sabbath School for adults and children. They led many outreach programs, such as giving clothes to the needy, hosting luncheons for senior citizens, providing meals on wheels, helping at soup kitchens, visiting hospitals and prisons, leading singing lessons, sharing Bibles and religious literature, hosting Vacation Bible School, conducting fitness classes, and much more.