Tips to Thrive

Tips to Thrive_2 2020

Making Plans

Evelyn Griffin is a retired pastor’s wife. She and her pastor-husband have four children and 14 grandchildren.

Usually we make many plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, but do we have plans for other times? God has made plans for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11-13), so it would be well for us to follow His example. Without a plan, things frequently do not happen. Here are some plans you might want to consider:

• Make a list of dishes your family likes that you can refer to when you can’t think of something to cook.
• Create a calendar for a rotating once-a-month cleaning or organizing project: pantry, storeroom, kitchen cabinets (or some other necessary duty).

• Help your spouse schedule time for the family (and for the two of you), making suggestions for activities.
• Think of what attracted your spouse to you in the beginning and focus on those and other positive traits, encouraging them in ministry.
• Share meaningful conversations, keeping communication open.

• Help your children clean their rooms and organize their toys, teaching them how to keep them tidy.
• Guide children in knowing how to have personal devotions, including showing them how to plan them.
• Strive to have at least one family sit-down meal together each day (or week) without the presence of media. Make it “family sharing time.”

• Make a plan for your personal devotional life, which could include:
1. Select a Bible text each day and write a sentence (or more) of what it says to you personally.
2. Read the Bible through in a year.
3. Integrate the Spirit of Prophecy into your devotional time.
4. Keep a prayer journal, including a section for “answered prayers” to review when discouraged.
5. Set your phone to remind you regularly to offer a short, silent prayer.

• Plan morning and evening worships for the family. Here are some ideas:
1. Start a discussion with a statement such as: “Share something special/ fun/interesting/funny that happened today.”
2. Play “I spy.” Have family members share how they "spied" God today, such as: “God helped me with my test in school.” “I saw a girl give a food gift card to a homeless woman.” “I watched a high school kid stoop to help a little boy who fell on the playground and scraped his knee.” “I saw a boy intervene in a bullying situation.”

The Holy Spirit will help you know the best plan for yourself, your spouse, and your family. All you need to do is ask.