From the Field

From the Field-Issue 3 2021



East-Central Africa Division

Jane Mutugi, Pastor Benjamin Mutugi’s wife, shared this report from North East Kenya Field.

We appreciate what the Lord has done for us during this very difficult time. The emergence of COVID-19 made us stay at home after March 16, 2020. We thank the General Conference for organizing 100 Days of Prayer. My friends Jochabed, Christabel, and I chose to pray together physically while keeping social distance. Daily we would meet at a certain place outside and pray.

We also formed WhatsApp groups that brought women together in Nairobi and North East Kenya Field. In these groups we met every day at 6:00 in the morning to share the Word and pray. At the end of the 100 days, we met via Zoom for a night of prayer, which was attended by women from the UK, SA, 

Zimbabwe, and Kenya. We literally had testimonies every single day, including from someone who was scheduled for a kidney surgery but got healed!

The Spirit impressed upon us to reach out to the nearby community and help the needy. We started with those with disabilities. Soon Karura SDA Church joined us and came up with a program that would feed the needy.

One day we visited a young man in the community named Peter. He’d had an EpiFix on his leg for two years! This device helps acute and chronic wounds. We prayed for him. Our exact words were, “Gold and silver we do not have, but in the name of Jesus we believe he could walk.”

We appealed to our friends, especially Mr. Mbugua and Deborah at the Central Kenya Conference, who supported the idea of taking Peter to the hospital. So despite the fear of COVID, we took him to Kenyatta National Hospital.

Miraculously, within a few days the EpiFix was removed and he began physiotherapy. We thank the entire Central Kenya Conference leadership, which funded his treatment at the Nairobi Adventist Hospital for about four months. Indeed, there is power in united prayer (1 John 5:14).

In North East Congo Union Mis-sion (NECUM), two Shepherdesses of-fer counseling and therapy to people who are alcoholics and under drug de-pendency. They held an event attend-ed by 78 clients. Four accepted Jesus as their personal Savior and were bap-tized. Please continue to pray for their ministry, as it is bringing hope to many people.

This past spring we went back to check on Peter, and he has a testimony! We sang and prayed together. He told us that at some point he’d almost had his leg amputated, but now he could escort us to his door. I could not believe my eyes! Yes, the Savior heals and restores. This man is a true testimony that God can change any situation.


Southern Asia Division

Sofia Wilson, ministerial spouse director for Southern Asia Division (SUD), shared a report of what is hap-pening in SUD. Pastors’ wives are ac-knowledging God’s calling and are committing to “go.” They train spouses, do team ministry, organize women’s and children’s prayer groups, and dis-tribute free face masks. In 2020 they were able to hold Zoom Shepherdess meetings, prayer times, and programs to promote the “I Will Go” initiative. Christmas gifts were given to strug-gling pastors’ wives and widows in all the unions and attached fields.