1. So, You are a Ministerial Spouse (Download: Word | PPT)
  2. Coping with the Challenges of being a Ministerial Spouse (Download: Word | PPT)
  3. The Role of the Pastor's Spouse (Download: Word | PPT)
  4. Communication Keys (Download: Word | PPT)
  5. Lesson_Enriching Your Walk with God (Download: Word)
  6. Prayer in the Life of the Ministerial Spouse (Download: Word | PPT)
  7. Raising Responsible and Happy Children (Download: Word | PPT)
  8. Managing Conflict Creatively (Download: Word | PPT)
  9. Help, Lord! I'm A Parent (Download: Word | PPT)
  10. What Husbands Want Their Wives to Know about(Download: Word | PPT)
  11. Mastering Time Management (Download: Word | PPT)
  12. Money Management in Marriage(Download: Word | PPT)
  13. Dealing with Anger and Forgiveness(Download: Word | PPT)
  14. The Pastor's Wife and Loneliness(Download: Word | PPT)
  15. Enriched Relationships (Download: Word | PPT)
  16. The Pastor's Wife and Her Dress (Download: Word | PPT)
  17. Women and Self Esteem (Download: Word | PPT)
  18. What Every Pastor 's Spouse Should Know About Her Husband's Ministry (Download: Word | PPT)
  19. Warning Signs of Trouble in a Pastoral Marriage (Download: Word)
  20. Ministerial Spouse RAP Session Ideas (Download: Word | PPT)
  21. GC Ministerial Spouses Curriculum Certificate (Download: PDF)