Aurora Canals serves as the General Conference Associate Ministerial Secretary for Pastoral Families. She is editor of “The Journal, a resource for Ministry Spouses.” She was previously an Associate Treasurer of the Chesapeake Conference. Over the years, Aurora served the church as a pastor’s wife and Evangelist Assistant for the Oregon Conference. In that role, she helped with preparing candidates for baptisms. As a Ministerial spouse, she organized convocations for training and resourcing church members to fulfill the church’s mission.

Aurora holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Washington State University. She is an accomplished professional with a comprehensive accounting and payroll management background. In that role, her joy was to assist pastors with their payroll issues.

Aurora loves spending time with Jesus in nature. She runs, walks, and prays at the same time consistently. Her goal is to walk 20,000 steps every single day. She married Ramon J. Canals, the Ministerial Secretary of the General Conference. They have two adult children, Jessica and Gabriel, and three grandchildren. Aurora enjoys serving the Lord with her husband as a team, prayer-walking, reading, music, gardening, and cooking.

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