Between the Covers

Opening thoughts from the editor's desk.

Sharon Cress is editor of the Ministry

A warm welcome to all the new subscribers who will be receiving the Shepherdess International Journal on a regular basis. It is my prayer that between these cov­ers you will find encouragement and spiritual strength as you serve your Lord in the role of a pastoral wife. Godly administrators, who believe in you and the con­tribution you are making to finishing the work here so we can all go home together, have committed to pro­viding you with a tangible resource geared specifically for your needs. If you have comments (positive or nega­tive), suggestions, or news, please write. I would love to hear from you.

In this issue of the journal you will find the second in our series of miracles in the lives of pastoral wives. Delba's story of the miraculous recovery of her six-month old baby is an inspiration to us all that the Lord still does intervene, Many of us can relate to Gina Wahlen's traumatic Sabbath in "Dear Lord, Help Me Now!" For me, it is always encouraging to know that I am not the only pastoral wife who has faced the ugly side of some disturbed peoples' characters. And when people do cause us pain, Jean Coleman gives us some practical advice in "What are you doing about these leftovers?" In my own life, it would be very easy to hold grudges and ill will against those who have caused me extensive grief, but it only makes me old and wrinkled and really does nothing to help the other person. May the Lord continue to be with each of us.

Happy reading!