Shepherdess International News

Shepherdess International News

Shepherdess news from around the world.

By the Journal staff. 

Editor's Note: See PDF for pictures

Eastern Africa Division

 * Zimbabwe Union Conference Shepherdess Coordinator Mrs. R Choga held a weekend-long meeting in Gweru for all 104 Shepherdesses on the topic of HIV/AIDS. During one part of the retreat the women were divided into four groups according to geographic areas and designed posters and messages to be published and circulated.

* Malawi Shepherdesses were blessed by the following events: In the South Malawi Field the Blantyre Shepherdess chapter fed 28 orphans at the Yamikini House. Five Shep­herdess meetings have been held in which the ladies were instructed on the topics of making their wills, cookery, home crafts and healthful living. Revival meetings, evangelistic meetings, health classes and home visitation marked the Thekerani, Liwonde and Lower Shire Shepherdess activities. The women report that the people were "shook to their very roots" and decided to give their lives to God.

  • Dwanga District conducted a Bible Marking Series. Seven joined.
  • Lizulu District held cooking classes and sewing instruction.
  • Salnaia District held a rally where Mrs. Themuka preached. Five people responded.
  • Nanyangu District held a Dorcas rally.
  • Senzani District spent three days visiting homes, counseling and praying.
  • Tsangano and Kasiya Districts were blessed by Mrs. F. Mchenga and Mrs. Juwa holding rallies in which seven people were converted.
  • Bilila District Shepherdesses encouraged faithful tithe giving.
  • In Edingeni, the Shepherdesses found that church members who pegged every tenth row of maize for tithing became witnesses for God when a lady said she wanted to know more about the church because they faithfully tithed.
  • All night seasons of prayer in Chitipa resulted in the sick becoming well and family problems being resolved.

* Zambia Union Conference Zambia Union Shepherdess met in Rasungu during the Workers Camp meeting. Mrs. Musvosvi was the facilitator for the group during this gathering.

Euro-Africa Division

Kveta Celplova of the Czechoslovakian Union Shepherdess sends the following encouraging report of the Shepherdess Healthy Lifestyle 

Euro-Africa Division

*Baden-Wurttenberg Conference held a Shepherdess Retreat in a lovely setting at the Conference Retreat Center. Fellowship, music and fun were joined with seminars by Sharon Cress.

Euro-Asia Division

* Zhena Pastora the Russian edition of the Shepherdess International Journal is published for the ministry wives. During the year 2000, the organization rendered aid to pastors wives who had urgent medical needs, oncology patients and mothers of large families.

South American Division

*A pictoral report of three events held in Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador (See PDF)

South American Division

* Central Brazil Union held a model Ministerial Council just north of Sao Paulo for all of their ministry couples. Plenary sessions, seminars, booths, fellowship and fabulous food made this an event to remember for almost 1,000 pastors and their spouses. Special guest speakers and musicians shared their gifts. Mrs. Vanira Sarli, Shepherdess Coordinator for the Central Brazil Union worked tirelessly to make this truly the highlight of their lives for the pastors wives. Held in a wonderful resort hotel, the facilities and setting was a little bit of heaven on earth. Jim and Sharon Cress and Joel Sarli from the General Conference Ministerial Association were blessed to be part of this truly extraordinary Ministerial  meeting that brought many blessings to those who were privileged to attend. 

South Pacific Division

* Kay Winter, retiring Shepherdess coordinator for the South Pacific Division, sponsored Shepherdess meetings in Honiara, Solomon Islands for pastors wives from the entire Western Pacific Union Mission. Some traveled for several days by boat and bus to arrive on the campus for a week of inspiration and seminars, Kay had beautiful aprons made for each of the women and distributed other appropriate gifts to pastors wives who spend most of their ministry in isolated areas. Sharon Cress and Peter Prime from the General Conference Ministerial Association joined Pastor and Mrs. Winter for this event.

Southern Africa Union

* Beauty Wakaba, Shepherdess Coordinator for the Union reports that the Swaziland Conference held a seminar on Pastoral Family Finance and interviewed pastoral children. The Lesotho Shepherdess chapter discussed Advantages and Dangers of Being Close to Spiritual Action and Team Ministry at their gathering. Kwazulu Natal-Free State Conference Shepherdess held their meetings in Annerly while the Transvaal Conference held their meetings at Sedaven.

Trans-European Division

* Almost 100 Shepherdesses from the South-East European Union net in Belgrade with Sharon Cress for Shepherdess meetings during the Ministerial meetings. Pastor Radisa Antic, President for the Union, sponsored this memorable event for all the pastors wives. The strong emphasis on the value of these precious women was demonstrated by the Union Administration. At the end of the retreat, the ministry wives were presented with special gifts to reinforce the value their special ministry.