Shepherdess International News

Shepherdess International News

News from around the world.

By the Journal staff. 

Euro-Africa Division

* Baden-Wuerttenberg Conference Shepherdesses enjoyed their annual Shepherdess convention at the Adventist retreat center in the beautiful city of Freudenstadt. Evelyne Reischach and Reingard Schwenger worked diligently so the pastors' wives could enjoy a long weekend of fellow­ship, interaction and group discussion. Maeve Maurer, EUD Shepherdess Coordinator, was a featured guest along with Sharon Cress from Shepherdess International. Hannele Ottschofski and Andrea Zollner served as translators.

Euro-Asia Division

* Galina Stele, ESD Shepherdess Coordinator, sends the following report: She and her husband, Dr. Artur Stele, ESD president, conducted three revival sessions—St. Petersburg, Kishinev, and Bishkek. At the Kisinev, Moldova meetings, they also conducted three days of meetings for the pastors and their wives. In Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan they presented seminars for the pastors during the day while their revival meetings filled the evenings.

The Southern Union has also conducted meetings for their pastors' wives and Shepherdess coordinators. In March, Galina taught an extensive course at Zaoksky Seminary and conducted meetings for professors and students' wives.

* In May, a congress for PKs was organized by the Ukrainian Union Shepherdesses and took place in the capital of Kiev.

Inter-American Division

* Evelyn Omana, SIEMA Coordinator for IAD, sends pictures taken at the Continuing Education Program for the pastors' wives.

North American Division

* Kansas-Nebraska Conference: April 23-25, 2004 found the pastors' wives of the Kansas-Nebraska Conference all together in Grand Island, Nebraska. Roxy Hoehn, Shepherdess Coordinator, planned a fantastic weekend of seminars, fellowship, and pampering for the ladies. Elder Jim Hoehn, the conference president, honored the group with his presence on opening night and affirmed their importance to the work of the church.

South American Division

* Evelyn Nagel, AFAM coordinator for SAD, reports that many pastors' wives around the division are conducting evangelistic meetings, and the Lord is blessing their success. Maria Do Carmo Vilas Boas, accompanied her husband, Pr. Joel Vilas Boas Pereira, in the Primavera Community, in the city of Frederico Westphalen. Maria presented evan­gelism for children.

* Rosemilda Da Silva Grellert worked with her husband Pr. Armando Grellert in Palmeira das Misstes. Pr. Grellert presented the Stop Smoking Clinic and immediately following, Rosemilda presented Bible topics to approximately 75 individuals. As of June 13, three people were baptized.

* Mirian Jacinto held evangelistic meetings in the city of Passo Fundo. The program began March 28 with a Stop Smoking Course and 30 individuals continue to study Bible topics with her.

* Sonia Rigoli Santos began her evangelistic effort in the city of Iju in a neighborhood without an Adventist church present. During the first week her Stop Smoking Course was attended by 80 individuals. After the Stop Smoking Course a special holy week program was held and followed up by a Bible course study. At the closing program 66 people received certificates for completion. The first baptism of five individuals was held on May 29 and on June 13 two more people were baptized. Another group of approximately 10 people will be baptized this month.

* Mrs. Vivian Moraga Carvajal, Shepherdess Coordinator for Chile Union Mission, reports that on April 16-18, AFAM meetings were conducted in Aria City, for a full weekend. Attendees included pastors' wives, administrators' wives, college teachers' wives, and chaplains' wives. Guest speakers included Dr. Luis Garrido and Mr. Soledad Alvarez. A marvelous time was had by all of the attendees.

* February 2-8 found pastoral couples from the Austral Union Conference meeting together for their retreat. Pastor Ruy Nagel presented the topic of pastoral ethics to the pastors and their wives. The afternoons were occupied with various seminars. Pr. Alejandro Bullon served as chaplain for the event. Dr. Millie Youngberg, Evelyn Nagel and Susan de Peto conducted special seminars just for the ladies.

South Pacific Division

* Debora Kent, Partners in Ministry Coordinator for SPD, sends the following report: Each week a group of pastors' wives throughout Australia and New Zealand pray for each other and their families. During one week of the year each specific family will be the focus of many prayers.

* Papua New Guinea Mission: Mrs. Tiono Davai, PNGUM Coordinator, implemented a union-wide Shep­herdess retreat where nearly 400 pastors' wives were in attendance. Each day the women experienced seminars with their husbands, and also attended specialized features just for them as pastors' wives. Debora Kent presented a gluten cooking demonstration, Dr. Percy Harrold focused on women's health and Sharon Cress talked on the life of the pastor's wife.

Southern Asia Division

* Hepzibah Kore, SUD Shepherdess Coordinator, along with Pastor and Mrs. Padmaraj co-hosted a Shepherdess retreat for the entire South-Central India Union. The group met in the beautiful conference facilities of the Bangalore Adventist Hospital. Featured guests were Dorothy Watts and Sharon Cress.

West-Central Africa Division

* Babcock University has officially inaugurated a Shepherdess program with a total membership of 29 women. They are instigating a newsletter and planning activities that range from spiritual to intellectual to social. Shepherdesses are paired together forming a sister-of-support prayer partner who visit, pray and encourage each other. The members, together with their families, had a social excursion at Eleko Beach in Lagos, Nigeria. 

* Mrs. Elizabeth Ewoo, WAD Shepherdess Coordinator, sends the following report: Sixty-five pastors and their spouses met in Sunyani, Ghana, for a special program. Mrs. Rose Asante, the local Shepherdess leader, presided over the program. Special prayer sessions were conducted by the Shepherdesses. There were testimonies of joy and sadness. A great revival took place among the women. They left encouraged and many personal conflicts were resolved. After these meetings of nurturing fellowship 365 revivals were conducted in the conference with the Shepherdesses all deeply involved. Over 2,000 people are expected to be baptized as a result of these campaigns. 

* Chad Mission: Pastors' and Shepherdesses' Council were held in the Chad and Togo Missions.