Make of Every Moment a Life

Reflections on living.

Elizabeth de Pacheco is a pastor's wife in Colombia, South America

The best perfumes come in small bottles.

Great friendships are shown in small gestures.

A heart without intelligence is dangerous.

Intelligence without a heart is disaster.

Life without words is sad,

Words without life is a waste.

Music elevates and love is passionate.

Distance creates nostalgia.

Nostalgia is the absence of someone dear.

Bad people don't lose time, then

Why do we lose so much time fighting?

Fire burns, and love makes us do good.

Great events feed on previous ones.

If you find today how good it is to be important,

One day you will discover that it is more important to be good.

No one is irreplaceable, but all of us are useful and necessary.

How sad it would be not to have needy people who need love.

Where, how, when, and how much is not essential in fraternity,

Most important is always to love with respect and to be loyal.

I began to love life and she stopped being a mystery to me.

Do you want to make life better? Start at home, better yourself through good communication.

The voice of a friend Is the softest note in life's orchestra.

Who has cried much, has the clearest vision

To study the stars and the deepest eyes

To see everyday happenings.

Who has felt death closely,

Looks at life with different perspective.

Who escapes danger loves life more intensely

I discovered the potential of my inner self when I helped mankind,

The society objects have a price, But man has dignity.

Love people as they are,

They will become what they should be.

Make Of Every Moment a Life.