Introducing Shepherdess Coordinators From Around the World

Introducing Shepherdess Coordinators From Around the World

Get to know the Shepherdess Coordinators from around the globe.

By the Journal staff. 

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1. Gloria Trotman, SIEMA Coordinator for Inter-American Division. She and her husband Jansen have four children and three grandchil­dren. She enjoys reading, watching funny mov­ies, singing, and playing the piano. Her favorite memory is when her mom had a doll’s tea party with her.

2. Evelyn Nagel, AFAM Coordinator for South American Division. Evelyn is married to Ruy and they have a poodle named Fluffy. She enjoys embroidery, reading, gardening, and tak­ing care of her home. She likes to travel to the mountains and the beach. Her favorite memory is visiting with a missionary boat.

3. Helen Gulfan, Shepherdess Coordinator for Southern Asia-Pacific Division. Helen is mar­ried to Alberto, and they have three grown chil­dren and one grandson. Helen enjoys reading, singing, sports, gardening, witnessing, and en­couraging others. She has a pet turtle and a dog. Someday she would like to visit Africa. Her fa­vorite memories include her engagement, wed­ding, and early pastoral work.

4. Maeve Maurer, Shepherdess Coordinator for Euro-Africa Division. Maeve is married to Gabriel, and they have two daughters. Some of Maeve’s hobbies include baking homemade bread, sports, reading, spending time with friends, health ministries, and being with her family. She likes to travel in Switzerland and also to warm countries. Her favorite memory is her honey­moon in Australia and the many big and small experiences she has had with God.

5. Angéle Rachel Nlo Nlo, Shepherdess Co­ordinator for West-Central Africa Division. Angéle’s hobbies include reading, traveling, cook­ing, and working with evangelistic campaigns. She also enjoys teaching seminars and discovering new areas. Her favorite memory is her wedding ceremony.

6. Sally Lam-Phoon, Shepherdess Coordinator for Northern Asia-Pacific Division. Sally and her husband Chek-Yat have two grown daughters. She enjoys traveling, reading, experimenting with foreign languages, and hang­ing around home with her hubby. Her favorite memory is a family vacation in 1985.

7. Marti Schneider, Shepherdess Coordinator for North American Division. Marti and her husband Don have two adult children. She enjoys studying the German language, writing music and lyrics, and writing Scripture and her interaction with God.

8. Kari Paulsen, Shepherdess Sponsor. Kari and her husband Jan have been married for 51 years. They have three grown children. She enjoys reading and studying.

9. Milliam Kakembo, Shepherdess Coordinator for East-Central Africa Division. Milliam and her husband John have two adult children, three dogs, and one cat. She enjoys singing, gardening, cooking, and reflexology which she volunteers for therapy at hospice. Milliam likes to travel every chance she gets, and her favorite memory is the day she launched her first music album.

10. Hepzibah Kore, Shepherdess Coordinator for Southern Asia Division. Hepzi and her husband Gnanaraj have a daughter and two grandsons. Hepzi’s hobbies in­clude gardening, reading, listening to music, and taking evening walks. She dreams of traveling to the Holy Land. Her favorite memory is Friday nights with the family when the children were young.

11. Merilyn Webster, Shepherdess Coordinator for South Pacific Division. Merilyn is married to Gary, and they have two grown children. She enjoys sewing, garden­ing, reading, camping, and likes to travel by the sea. Her favorite memory is watching all her neighbours help her very weary husband finish landscaping around their home.

12. Galina Stele, Shepherdess Coordinator for Euro­Asia Division. Galina and her husband, Artur, have one son. She enjoys puzzles, home responsibilities, reading, teaching, decorating, gardening, and spending time with her family. She likes to travel to warm places by the sea. Her favorite memories are family times.

13. Anne-May Wollan, Shepherdess Coordinator for Trans-European Division. Anne-May and her husband, Harald, have two grown children and five grandchildren. Some of her hobbies include woodworking, textile pic­tures, patchwork, painting, and music. She enjoys cross-country skiing and traveling to Norway.

14. Denise Ratsara, Shepherdess Coordinator for Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division. Denise and her husband Paul have three children and one dog. She enjoys reading, gardening, and talking with her husband. She likes to travel to Mauritius. Her favorite memory is her wed­ding day.

15. Sharon Cress, Shepherdess Director. Sharon and her husband Jim are the proud owners of a Yorkshire Terrier named Dixie. Sharon enjoys reading, spending time with friends, and cooking. Her goal is to do something to benefit clergy wives somewhere in the world.

16. Wiliane Marroni, Associate AFAM Coordinator for South American Division. Wiliane and her husband Almir have two grown children. Some of her hobbies are traveling, cooking, reading, and walking. She enjoys family meetings and going to the beach. Her favorite memory is her wedding and the birth of her daughters.