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East-Central Africa Division (ECD) Shepherdess coordinator, Antoinette Mwangachuchu, shares that pastors’ spouses in ECD are ready to work hand in hand with their husbands in ministry. She states, “Behind a successful minister, there is a shepherdess.” The following is a pictorial of this last year.

South Pacific Division

In October 2013 the firstever Partners in Ministry (PIM) retreat was held in Western Australia. The theme was “Finding Joy in the Journey.” Sharon Riggins, WA PIM coordinator at that time, shared, “We plan on having this retreat yearly. Why? Because as pastors’ wives we need this connectedness to bring us closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to each other."

Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division

Three hundred fifty delegates, including officers and spouses, regional ministerial associates and Shepherdess coordinators, and frontline pastors and spouses, came together for a meeting in South Africa. Important recommendations were voted to empower leaders to encourage, equip, and nurture spouses in working side by side with their husbands. They praise the Supreme Provider for the success of the council.

Southern Asia Division

In December 2013 the division office in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India, celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Shepherdess organization.