Tips to Thrive

How to keep home relationships strong.


Set aside one night per week as Date Night or Family Night.

If you have children, try to have a family night each week and at least one date night a month. If you don’t have children, aim for a date night every week. If you’re on a budget, here are a few ideas to help you get things rolling:


• Hide and Seek: Turn off all lights in the house and play hide-and-seek with Mom and Dad and all the children. Littlest children can hide with a parent. One person is designated as the “seeker,” and everyone else hides. The last person to be found becomes the next “seeker.”

• Spray Tag: Connect a spray nozzle to the garden hose and let everyone take turns chasing and spraying the rest of the family with water. This game works best when everyone is wearing clothing that can get soaked!

• Socks Off: Everyone in the family puts on a pair of socks and meets in the largest room of the house. Wrestle in a free-for-all to remove each other’s socks, Mom and Dad included. The last person to keep their socks on is the winner.


• Star Gazing: Go for a sunset walk. Pack a blanket and something yummy to drink. Spread your blanket out and watch the stars appear in the sky. Look for constellations and shooting stars.

• Art and Museums: Check your local town for coupons and free nights at nearby museums, art galleries, or educational events. Pack a picnic supper to eat at the park before or after wandering the sights.

• Co-Chefs: Work together in the kitchen to make something new, or cook an old favorite. Turn on some romantic music and enjoy creating the meal before eating it by candlelight. Take turns choosing the menu, and even go shopping together for the ingredients.

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