The Three Angels

Do they really have a message for me?

Kenia Reyes-de León is senior editorial assistant for the General Conference Youth Ministries Department in Silver Spring, Maryland. She also cohosts Bible HelpDesk on Hope Channel. This article originally appeared online at

GROWING UP SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST and in a church interested in prophecy, I learned about certain topics at a young age.

I still recall one of our elders rolling a rickety blackboard out onto the stage. On that board there were drawings and terms I had come to know well, such as “the mark of the beast,” “the 144,000,” and, of course, “the three angels’ messages.” As a child I remember it being a frightening topic since it was usually brought up during a sermon about the end of days and was accompanied by strong imagery of tragic events. Whenever I heard the Scripture reading for that Sabbath was found in Revelation, I knew to brace myself for things I did not understand.

As I grew older, I had the chance to study more on my own. Sadly, I was not interested in learning more about the three angels of Revelation 14, because to me they just meant the end of the world. I knew that the three angels’ messages were integral to my faith and my religious beliefs, but I felt no connection to them and did not find them relevant to my spiritual growth. For years I could not have told you what exactly the three angels’ messages were. All I knew were the basics: three angels, they have messages, and Adventists care about them a lot. I braced myself for things I did not understand.


I finally understand the meaning of the messages and why they are so important. They are finally relevant to my Christian walk. In Revelation 14:7 the first angel reminds us to give glory to our Lord. Every day, I strive to worship my God, my Creator, and live a life that is according to His will. I don’t just limit my good works to the Sabbath day but recognize that if I am to give Him the glory, I must do so with my thoughts and actions each and every day. I seek to obey God and remain faithful even when it is not the easiest task to achieve.

As I strengthen my relationship with God, He helps me to come out of sin and not let it have its grip on me, because I have been made free through Jesus Christ. While on earth, Jesus commanded us to preach about His Father’s kingdom. As I flee Babylon, as I flee sin, I accept Jesus’ command to tell others to flee sin and enter into His kingdom. Putting these things into practice on a daily basis, I can rest assured that by His grace, I won’t receive the mark of the beast (Revelation 14:9), but instead I will receive “the seal of the living God” (Revelation 7:2) and be marked for salvation.

That is what the three angels’ messages mean to me. They mean salvation. Not something frightening, not irrelevant, not tragic, but a calling to walk in His ways and wait patiently for my Father’s soon return.