Shepherdess International News

Shepherdess International News

News from around the world.

By the Journal staff and various contributors

Eastern Africa Division

* The Uganda Union elected its first woman as a departmen­tal director. Ruth Kakaire replaces Hudson Kibuuka as director for the departments of education and communi­cation. She holds a Master of Teaching Ministry, earned in the Philippines. Mrs. Kakaire is a pastoral wife, married to Dr. Bonface Kakaire, the Union's publishing director and chaplain. They have four children.

Euro-Asia Division

* Sharon Cress, GC Shepherd­ess International Coordina­tor, spent ten days in Moscow training the new Shepherd­ess leaders for the Euro-Asia Division and beginning the coordination of the organiza­tion of Shepherdess in this newest Division. A highlight of the event was a panel dis­cussion on pastoral families answering questions submit­ted by the audience. The panel participants included Gaspar Colon, Jim Cress, Ron Flowers, Heikke Silvet, Nancy Wilson, and Sharon Cress. Conference leaders requested a repeat of and more time dedicated to a panel presentation at the year-end meetings scheduled for next year.

Far Eastern Division

* North Philippine Union pastoral wives met in three locations for Shepherdess meetings under the direction of North Philippine Union Shepherd­ess coordinator, Mellie Villoso, and Sharon Cress, GC Shepherdess International Coordinator. Pre­sentations were on "Team Ministry," "Soul Winning and the Pastoral Wife," and "Pastoral Wife Expectations." The women par­ticipated in ques­tion and ansv, er sessions and gave input for the up­coming Division Ministerial Coun­cils.

* Under the direction of Mellie Villoso and Women's Minis­try, 220 shepherdesses (min­isters' wives) of the North Philippine Union Mission, launched a joint-community program on livelihood result­ing in the baptism of 58 and reclaiming 12 former Adventists.

The program's aim, to aug­ment family income, started with soap, candle and catsup making. The team introduced techniques in the production of tofu, soy sauce, soy milk and other soy products. As the program gained more par­ticipants, additional projects were introduced such as dressmaking, hair science, cosmetology, and handi­crafts. Special products of the livelihood program are sold and the proceeds used to pur­chase evangelistic equipment for the evangelistic meetings the ladies conduct. They also conduct small group Bible studies using the Voice of Prophecy lessons. The devo­tional time includes sharing of Christian eiperiences and interests for the gospel are growing fast.

* Southeast Asia Union Mis­sion pastoral wives and their husbands met in Singapore for two days of continuing education. Ken Wade, union ministerial secretary and his wife, Debbie; and Jim Cress, secretary of General Confer­ence Ministerial Association and his wife, Sharon, GC Shepherdess International Coordinator, led out in the meetings. The topics? "Re­claiming New Members," "Soul Winning for the Pasto­ral Couple," and "Marriage Expectations."

* Thailand Mission pastoral wives from the Northern Re­gion joined their husbands in Chiang Mai for five days of ministers' meetings and con­tinuing education. The meet­ings were directed by Steve Bassham, Thailand Mission president, and Nancy Bassham, Far Eastern Division Shep­herdess coordinator. Jim Cress, secretary of General Conference Ministerial Asso­ciation, spoke to the pastoral wives on "Leading a Person to Christ" and "Decision Making." Sharon Cress, GC Shepherdess International Coordinator, gave work­shops on "Team Ministry," "Marital Support in the Pas­toral Family," "Soul Winning for the Pastoral Wife," and "Children's Ministries."

Inter-American Division

* Venezuela-Antilles Union Mission, sponsored the first-ever Union wide Pastoral Pastoral Wives of the Central Venezula Spouse-Workers' Meetings specifically for pastoral and administrative spouses. Evelyn Omana, Union Shep­herdess Coordinator, di­rected these meeting. For five days, wives of the union ministerial staff were treated to seminars, fellowship, and continuing education. Their pastor-administrator hus­bands stayed home and took care of the children while these women attended meet­ings enriching themselves spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Highlights included semi­nars by Jaime Castrejon, Inter-American Division Min­isterial Secretary, who spoke on the "Team Work of Aquila and Priscilla." On Friday night, Ivan Omana, Union President, expressed appre­ciation to the pastoral wives and challenged them in their work. For Sabbath School and the worship service, the women presented the pro­gram. Sharon Cress, GC Shepherdess International Coordinator, gave seminars on "Soul Winning for the Pas­toral Wife," "Expectations in the Parsonage," and "Dealing 

North American Division

* The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sarasota, Florida, under the direction of retired pastor, Charles Cress, gath­ered donations of over 500 pairs of brand-new panty­hose which were taken to the pastoral wives in the EuroAsia Division. They will be distrib­uted throughout the division.

* The Montana Conference Shepherdess club and Mt. Ellis Academy are sponsor­ing "Prayer Friends." They pray for and are a friend to a student or faculty family at Mt. Ellis Academy for one school year. Involvement may also include writing, calling, or sending a care package.

* "Prayer Friends" has been in progress for three years by theUpper Columbia Confer­ence pastoral wives. Reports say that "the students, faculty and parents have expressed deep appreciation for (this) personal touch and thanks to theLord's blessing . there has been an experienced marked growth spiritually, academically, numerically, and financially."

Southern Asia Division

Over 150 women attended three days of meetings for pastoral and administrative wives during Annual Coun­cil in Bangalore, India. The meetings were directed by Margaret Nathaniel, the Di­vision Shepherdess Coordi­nator, and Sharon Cress, GC Shepherdess International Coordinator.

Roselyne Raelly, Eastern Af­rica Division Shepherdess Coordinator, gave the main seminar for the meetings en­titled, "Role of the Shepherd­ess in Ancient Times" and "Role of the Shepherdess in the 20th Century." She pre­sented valuable comparisons that the blessings, expecta­tions, and challenges are much the same even though many generations have passed.

Devotionals were presented by Margaret Nathaniel and Hazel Gordon. Margaret Nathaniel's topic was "Wait­ing for the Lord." Hazel Gor­don, from the North American Division, shared her personal story about how the Lord has led in her life.

Rae Lee Cooper, from the Southern Asia Division, led the women in stretching ex­ercises each day during the fellowship breaks; everyone enjoyed the refreshing expe­rience.

Rose Otis, GC Women's Min­istries Director, presented a slide report on what lay women in the church are do­ing around the world.

The highlight of the meetings occurred Friday morning when the women took part in the Communion Service. Spe­cial bonds of sisterhood were formed and strengthened as committed pastoral and ad­ministrative wives washed each others' feet and shared the bread and wine of Jesus' broken body and shed blood for them. Birol Christo, from the Southern Asia Division, presented the Communion Service sermon on heart preparation. As these special women parted, after the fi­nal service, it was evident that the cords binding pasto­ral and administrative wives were tightly woven.

Small appreciation gift pack­ets were given to these com­mitted women by several entities of the church organi­zation including the GC Min­isterial Association.