Dear Pastoral Wives

A letter from the GC president.

Robert S. Folkenberg

January 1995

Dear Pastoral Wives:

The General Conference has designated 1995 as the "Year of the Adventist Woman." Dur­ing this time our church is focusing on the contribution of women throughout our church's history.

I would like to take an opportunity during this time to extend my personal "Thank You" for the valuable service you, as pastoral wives, give to our church. Your unique position makes you a most valuable group of women, and you deserve special recognition and affirma­tion.

Because you are the spouse of the pastor, the sacrifices and hours of service you contribute are too often overlooked in the eyes of many. But your contribution is not overlooked from my perspective. l know you held the pastoral family together, and this, in essence, holds the church together. I salute you for giving so much of yourself and your family to the Lord and to His church family.

My wife, Anita, has been an integral part of our team ministry for the last 31 years. Attend­ing nightly meetings during our years of full-time evangelism, translating both English and Spanish materials, counselor, researcher, and loving companion, she has been an equal contributor to our ministry.

The pastoral ministry has more than the average share of blessings and challenges. It is my prayer that the Lord will give each of you, as a pastoral wife, an abundance of blessings this year.

I am praying for you as you face the challenges of life in the parsonage. Yours in the assurance of grace,

Robert S. Folkenberg


General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists