Making scripture practical.

Author unknown

Bible-class teacher was telling of the various translations of the Bible and their different excellencies. The class was much interested, and one of the young men that evening was talking to a friend about it.

"I think I prefer the King James' version for my part," he said: "though, of course, The Revised is more scholarly."

His friend smiled. "I prefer my mother's translation of the Bible, myself, to any other version," he said.

"Your mother's?" cried the first young man, thinking his companion had suddenly gone crazy. "What do you mean, Fred?"

"I mean that my mother has translated the Bible into the language of daily life for me ever since I was old enough to understand it. She translates it straight, too, and gives it full meaning. There has never been any obscurity about her version. Whatever printed versions of the Bible I may study, my mother's is always the one that clears up my difficulties."

—Signs of the Times, June 7, 1905