Editor's Musings

Editor's Musings

Opening thoughts from the editor's desk.

Sharon Cress is editor of the Journal. 

My father had a heart attack in March. it was his second in two years and the cardiologist said it was going to take a triple by-pass surgery to correct the situation. No more diet and exercise therapy to try and remedy it. This was a radical situation and for the life blood in his body to flow as it should a radical measure was needed. Surgery is always serious business and this particular surgery is a miracle of modern medicine. Years ago there would have been no hope of correcting the situation. He would have simply been sent home to await the consequences. it occured to me the other day that Daddy may not be the only one who needs a triple by-pass operation to get things back into proper working order.

Maybe our ministry families (and l am thinking of myself in particular) could use a few radical procedures to get the life-giving blood of Jesus back into our hearts and lives. We go about our business of proclamation and pastoral nurture even though blockages to our life-line to Jesus are slowly building up. The One whose cleansing power needs to be a major part of our body each day is being choked out and we are clogged up. We squeeze Jesus through with a quick worship or prayer and then struggle through the rest of the day without the spiritual energy that continually makes us strong. Finally we need a "bypass", This is radical and it is serious. We need to simply replace the old clogged ways with clean new arteries that are clear of the debris we have let accumulate in His place. We may need one by-pass or six. But however many things we need to go around to get to Jesus, lets take the radical step to make it happen.

Years ago Jesus performed the miracle of Salvation for us and now, Praise the Lord, we don't need to sit around and wait for the consequences, we can be healed and become completely His. This is my prayer for each of us today.

God bless and keep you!