A New Way to View Yourself

A New Way to View Yourself

An excerpt from the authors' book When Prince Charming Falls Off His Horse

Excerpt from When Prince Charming Falls Off His Horse, Jerry and Judy Schreur, Cook Communication Ministries.

Do you have the winter blahs?

This exercise will enable you to look at yourself differently and possibly make you a more interesting person, which will in turn enrich your relationships. The key to completing this exercise is the courage to act differently, even if it feels a bit awkward and uncomfortable for you.

* Try a new look (outward) for yourself. A new hairstyle, some new and different clothes. Have a creative friend or one of your children help you make these choices.

* Be less predictable and more spontaneous. When your husband, wife, or friend makes a suggestion, don't even think about it, do it. When you think of something, jump into it with both feet (unless it causes you to go bankrupt, of course).

* Be more playful, laugh more. Determine not to be so serious about everything. Start with not taking yourself so seriously. Read joke hooks. 

* Surprise your husband or wife with a weekend away or a special night together at a nice place. Don't ask them, just do it. If you are on the receiving end, go for it and enjoy the experience. Don't pour cold water on innovation and creativity.

* Do something totally out of character for you. Don't worry what others will think. Just do it. If you know someone else who does this, don't rebuke him or her, just enjoy the experience.

* Be open to new experiences. This may involve a little risk, but usually it is worth it and will give you something to talk about and remember for years to come. Example: Go snorkeling or para­sailing, or learn a new hobby.

* If you are bored with your job, look for another one, or if your career is going nowhere, think about going a different direction, a direction that you always wanted to take.

* Treat yourself on a regular basis. Celebrate small things. Reward yourself for a job well done.

* Serve others. Get involved in a ministry at your place of worship. Do something significant for another person, without looking for anything in return.

* Make a fresh commitment to love Jesus with your whole heart. Determine to live for him every day. (After all, He died for you).