Shepherdess International News

Shepherdess International News

News from around the world.

By the Journal staff. 

Africa-Indian Ocean Division

* Mary Mensah, Ghana Union Shepherdess Coordinator, gathered about 250 Shepherdesses for several days of training and fellowship in Accra, Ghana. Denise Ratsara, Division Coordinator, co-planned the event. Sharon Cress was among the guest speakers. The highlight of the retreat was special greetings and the introduction of Elizabeth Bediako as a consultant for Shepherdess. Energetic discussion and reports made this time together memorable.

Eastern Africa Division

* Nonceha Mathema, Division Shepherdess Coordinator, planned the Quinquinnium Shepherdess Advisory in Nairobi, Kenya. Karen Flowers and Sharon Cress participated in training for ten regional Shepherdess Co­ordinators during the event. Judith Mwansa, Division Sponsor and wife of Division President, Pardon Mwansa, supported the meetings through hands-on participation and encouragement. Reports from the local fields as well as challenges were discussed.

* Malawi Union Shepherdess Coordinator, Mrs. Witness Kasambara conducted a good fellowship in the Lilongwe Central Church. In the North Malawi Field a group of Shepherdess leaders met and are planning evangelistic efforts. They are also very keen on visiting the retired Shepherdesses and those who are ill. CMF Shepherdesses met around Lake View Seminar School. For three days they worshipped, prayed and drew closer together in fellowship. Special emphasis was on Pastoral Children. Their mottto was "God Our Mighty Warrior".

* Eritrea Mission has a new co­ordinator, Mrs. Constance Chifamba. She has inaugurated the Shepherdess program in this field for the first time. They have enthusiastically embraced the idea of a new chapter and we wish them all God's blessings.

* Mrs. Dorothy Dorcas Kwase­Vuma reports members suffering from demons. The Shepherdesses prayed and God gave these women the victory.

* Mrs. Mary Dube reports a Maranatha Orphan Care Club. It is now registered with the government and is currently caring for the needs of 52 orphans of all faiths.

Euro-Africa Division:

* Mrs. Maeve Maurer was the honored guest in Romania for a Shepherdess Retreat in conjunction with the Bible School Continuing Education program for pastors. Maeve and Sharon Cress met with local pastors wives from the Bucharest area and then joined together with regional Shepherdess Coordinators for reports and discussion. The Romania Union is looking forward to extensive training with Dr. Alan Handysides in the near future to certify pastors wives as Birth Companions.

* Portugal in 2003 will be the site for the Euro-Africa Division Shepherdess Coordinator planning session.

Euro-Asia Division

* Galina Stele, Shepherdess Coordinator brings us the following news in pictures: (Editor's note: Please See PDF)

* Kishinev, Moldova was the location for a special Congress of Pastors Wives conducted by the local Shepherdess group. "Revival Starts With Me" was the theme for the 180 people who attended two days of seminars. Valuable time was spent clarifying their goals for the future. Shepherdess Union Coordinators from Ukraine, Caucasus and BelorussiaConference were special guests and shared seminars with the participants. Spiritual revival was given special emphasis when everyone participated in a Lord's Supper dedication service. See photo below of participants at commuion table.

Inter-American Division

* Evelyn Omana, SIEMA Coordinator in Inter-America was welcomed in two of her Unions for Clergy retreats. Puerto Rico hosted a long-weekend retreat in San Juan at a magnificant historic hotel for their pastoral couples. Ivan Omana and Jim and Sharon Cress joined her as featured speakers.

* Evelyn Omana gave instruction and encourage­ment on Pk's and Pastor Omana spoke about Sexual Ethics for clergy families.

* Guadaloupe also hosted a weekend event for clergy. Ivan and Evelyn Omana and Jim and Sharon Cress joined the local leadership in presentations.

North America Division

* Pacific Union Conference held their great Ministerial Council in Ontario, California. Darlys Robertson, Shepherdess Coordinator from the Northern California Conference organized the meetings for the clergy spouses. Seminars and discussion with Dr. Graham Stacey were a special addition to this fellowship.

* Korean pastors and spouses from all over the Division gathered for four days of meetings in San Jose, California. Jim and Sharon Cress were guest speakers and seminar presenters.

* Walla Walla, Washington was the venue for over 300 retired pastors wives who joined their husbands at the retirees retreat. Jack and Edna Harris were the host and hostess for the event which featured about 700 retired workers. A long weekend of inspiration and seminars were appreciated by all. Elder Don Schneider was the featured Sabbath morning speaker.

Northern Asia-Pacific Division

* Mrs. Young-Ja Nam, Shepherdess Coordinator, was the featured guest at two Shepherdess retreats. Mrs. Nam's experience as an educator was evident in her relevant seminars and her gifts of counseling and advice were much sought after. Sharon Cress from Shepherdess International accom­panied Mrs. Nam at these events. The first retreat in Hong Kong at the Conference office was a weekend event and included the pastors in a couples event. Mrs. Lily Wu, the local Shepherdess coordinator planned an extraordinary event of fellowship, food and educational seminars.

In Taiwan, Shepherdesses met at the college for three days of seminars, fellowship and discussion. Mrs. Emmeline Liu, the Union Shepherdess Coordinator, planned the event just before camp meeting. A sweet spirit was present for the meetings and the compassion these ladies demonstrated for each other’s needs and challenges is to be envied. Mrs. Lily Wu was also a featured guest in Taiwan.

South American Division

* Mrs. Evelyn Nagel and Raquel Arrais planned an AFAM advisory in Lima, Peru in conjunction with the Ministerial Advisory. A beautifully decorated meeting room was made even more special by the little personal touches the two leaders provided their coordinators. Special emphasis on women's health issues and planning for nurturing the clergy wives in South America rounded out the event. Saturday night brought the group a light-hearted cultural program and talent show which was enjoyed by all.

South Pacific Division

* Partners In Ministry Coordi­nator Debora Kent reports the exciting news that the The Pastoral Partners Certification Program recently graduated Karen Williams, Natalie Winchombe, Heather Anderson, Margie Worker, Carol Boehm and Tania Ballantyne. Congratulations to each of you for equipping yourselves to special ministries.

* Avondale College: PIM's have begun regular lunchtime get-togethers. They are also busily surveying members for future spiritual events.

* Tasmania: Donna Anderson is busy working with her husband,. Rod, who is beginning his own religious radio program. Glenda Amos recently conducted a nutrition seminar in Smithton, PIM Edyta Jankiweicz is completing her MA in Family Life at Avondale College.

Northern Australia: Although the clergy spouses in North Australia live vast distances apart, they were able to fellowship together at their recent camp meeting. They had a special afternoon tea and joyous times of fellowship.

* South Australia: Pastors wives recently enjoyed lunch at a cafe in Adelaide.

* Victoria: Susie Potts resigned from paid employment to assist her husband, Des, in running public evangelistic programs in Geelong.

* North New South Wales: PIM's enjoyt:d a fellowship luncheon during camp meeting and are planning to repeat the experience again this year!

* Western Australia: Sylvia Hernandez is the newly appointed PIM coordinator.

* South New South Wales Con­ference has two pastors wives who have Theology degrees—Lorna Arthur and Cheryll Bird. Other pastors wives have varied and most interesting careers. Grace Dumbrava is studying for a double degree in Medical Science. Leonie McGuire has recently com­pleted a Diploma of Community Services. Julie Stefani is a teacher at Border Christian College. Lydele Edwards is an Audio and Visual Consultant and Sandra Godfrey is a hairdresser. Maureen Dunn studies languages at Queensland University and Beth Kosmeier is a dressmaker. Helen Harper is a landscape and floral artist. What blessings these ladies are with their God-given gifts!

General Conference

* Annual Council 2002 brought together about 55 Administrative spouses for special meetings during the business session. Marti Schneider, North American Division Ministry to Clergy Spouses Coordinator, was the featured speaker. Iler topic, "Developing a Mission Plan and Statement for Your Life" was eagerly received. Rae Lee Cooper led the physical exercise program and advised us on the rewards of a healthy life style.