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What are your favorite activities for family worship?

What are your favorite activities for family worship and ways to encourage spiritual growth at home? 

Our family memorizes hymns. Our girls love those hymns they’ve learned, and we have fun singing them together. Also, we each share what we’re learning in our own personal devotions—it’s fun to hear our 13-year-old and 8-year-old share!


Scripture memorization is my favorite! We do it as a couple—no children old enough to talk yet. We choose a passage (three to five verses or so) and memorize it in one week.


When our girls were still at home, we gathered on Friday evening after worship to talk around the supper table. It was somewhat of a free-for-all—Scriptures, lifestyle standards, sometimes church members (uh oh!), current events in light of Bible prophecy. Sometimes we asked, “What do you and your friends think about. . . ?”


We don’t have children in the home, so in the morning we each have our devotional time, then (on most days) we take our morning walk together and share new things we’ve read, learned, and discovered. Or we share what has encouraged and blessed us. It’s a sweet time!


We have three girls under the age of seven. Each girl has a Bible, and they love just opening it randomly and pointing somewhere on the page for me or hubby to read. That’s been fun!


With three kids (ages five, three, and two), it’s mostly singing and getting them to act out whatever story we are doing. They LOVE the acting. And prayer is a major component, especially with the kids. It is amazing to see their prayers attain new depths as time goes on!


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