Children's Prayer Series

Children's Prayer Series

14 Kid-Approved Lessons to Help Children Encounter God in Prayer

Children are such wonderful little balls of energy, full of curiosity and fun. How do you get them to slow down enough to connect with a God they cannot see? It takes some creativity and energy, but it absolutely can be done.  

To grow prayer warriors, we must intentionally and repeatedly teach them how to pray. “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little.” Isaiah 28:10 NKJV

Think of how children learn to speak. They listen to their parents talking for one to two years. They experiment over and over with sounds and words. Eventually, they become fluent.

The same is true of learning to pray. Children don’t learn to pray by learning about prayer once or twice. We must repeatedly invest our time and energy to help them learn to pray and pray well! As we do so, we will help our youngsters grow into mature, faith-filled, heaven-moving prayer warriors. 

These 14 lessons on prayer were designed to help kids develop firm faith in God, experience the joy of worship, and learn practical keys to effective prayer. They use simple illustrations, memory verses, stories, crafts, games, and group prayer times to make prayer accessible to a child’s heart and mind. Each lesson has been field-tested with groups of children. Most of the activities in the lessons are provided as linked downloads within the lessons. Set-up is minimal for most activities. 

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Individual Prayer Lessons (Activities for each lesson are linked within the lesson)

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Is It Worth It?

During His life on earth, Jesus commended the faith and trust of children. He invited them to come to Him and said the kingdom of Heaven was for them. How can we not teach them the joy and privilege of prayer?

I am convinced that children can learn to turn to Jesus in prayer as naturally as they breathe. Invest your time and energy into loving children, praying for them, and teaching them how to pray. They will respond to Jesus in love and be on their way to becoming true prayer warriors.

May God bless you richly as you seek to teach His little ones to love prayer!

Shenalyn Page
[email protected]