how to lead a prayer challenge

Ever heard of the The Biggest Loser? Or the Survivor reality TV show? What about the Tough Mudder obstacle courses that have become popular in recent years? Or maybe you’ve done a 30 day weight loss challenge, or shot for a sales goal event at work.

Companies like Charity Challenge create events that stretch people’s mental and physical reserves to the max so they can raise money for a chosen charity. Challenges include trekking in the Himalayas, cycling in Myanmar and surviving in the Amazon. 

These events all have one thing in common - people choose to push themselves to the limit for a specific purpose during a certain period of time.

Why? People do it for personal growth + accomplishment + helping others.

Amazing Results

What about translating the concept of challenge to ourspiritual lives? Set aside a period of time to focus on spiritual growth. Up the ante by inviting others to join you. The results can be amazing as you put God first.

“Now they do it to obtain a perishable crown, but we for an imperishable crown.” 1 Corinthians 9:25

 Prayer coordinator Angel Johnson challenged her Concord, CA church to a ten-week prayer challenge. Half of the 40-member church joined a small prayer group and took on the challenge of praying for Jesus to be uplifted in Concord, skipping supper once a week, and praying with a prayer partner.

Each prayer team prayed regularly and by week seven they began to see what God was doing. People they’d never met before began show up on Sabbath mornings. By the end of the ten-week prayer challenge, 20 new people had attended church. The church members had also gained a new passion for prayer and vision for reaching their community’s homeless population. 

It's Time to Lead a Prayer Challenge in Your Church

Do you have plans for an upcoming ministry in your church? Then prayerfully consider leading a prayer challenge so God can work in your church and community.

In the prayer challenge, you'll want to invite people to:

  • Pray for a specific need (such as an upcoming evangelistic meeting).
  • Pray with a prayer partner.
  • Set aside extra time to pray each day. This may also include fasting in some way (from food, media, etc.).
  • Pray for the conversion of specific people. 

Prayer Challenge Resources

How to Lead a Prayer Challenge - Practical steps for planning and leading a prayer challenge

Poured Out: Principles of Intercession Presentation - Powerpoint presentation with speaker's notes. Modify the last couple of slides for your prayer challenge.

12 Week Prayer Challenge Bookmarks - Simple bookmarks for people to keep in their Bibles to help them pray consistently during the prayer challenge.

Sample Prayer Challenge Promotional Newsletter - Modify this Word document version to fit your church’s prayer challenge.