Kids Prayer Box

Prayer Box

Have ever gotten distracted when you are praying and forgotten what you were praying about? It happens to all of us at times! The same is true of children. Enter the prayer box--a tangible way to help children remember the different aspects of prayer and what to pray about when they have their daily devotions. I've used this successfully with 8-12-year-olds, but you could modify for other age groups.


This craft is ideally done over the course of several meetings. You can add a different element to the box with each aspect of prayer that you teach about. Use the ideas below or come up with your own creative ideas that fit the resources you have available. For specific ideas on how to use this to teach children about prayer, please see the Children's Prayer Series.


Decorate the Prayer Boxes

Give each child a box that they can decorate. This should be approximately the size of a shoe box. You can reuse boxes you have on hand, or order some like these white gift boxes available on Amazon.

Supply a variety of decorations the children can use to personalize their prayer boxes. Possibilities include:

creating prayer boxes

      • Markers
      • Washi Tape
      • Stickers
      • Wrapping Paper
      • Colored Paper
      • Ribbon
      • Paints
      • Picture of each child
Have the children decorate their boxes, but don’t send them home with the kids until the end of the meetings. They will be adding new items to the boxes during each lesson.

Items to Include in Each Prayer Box

completed prayer boxInstructions for each item in the box: You can use these instructions as they are if you are using the same items that we included, or modify the instructions to fit the items you are putting in the boxes. Editable Word doc version or PDF

God Loves My Prayers bookmark and a honey stick or sucker to remind the children that their prayers are as delightful to God as honey is to their tastebuds.

P.R.A.Y. Ornament is to remind children what the PRAY acronym stands for (Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield). You may also want to include a smaller version of PRAY poster.

Kids' Prayer Journal to give children a place to record their prayers and keep track of the time they spend with Him. 

A small bag of balloons and these cards to remind the children to praise God for all the things they love about Him.

A small whiteboard and whiteboard marker where the kids can write down the things they want to confess to God. Once they ask God's forgiveness, they can erase the board because God forgives their sins.

Prayer cards give children a place to record their prayer requests, praises to God, and the things for which they are thankful.

ABC building blocks to remind children to ask God for what they need, believe that He hears them, and claim His promises in the Bible.

God's promise checks so children can write down their needs and a promise to claim. Include a Bible promise book for kids if possible too. 

Silly putty to mold and shape to remind that I that they need to yield themselves to God and let Him shape them as He sees best.

Bible Promise Cards that will help them hide God’s Word in their heart.