All Night Prayer Meetings

Jesus “continued all night in prayer to God.” Luke 6:12

Have you ever prayed all night? Most of us have not prayed all night, on our own or with others. Yet special blessings come with seeking God in a focused way for such a period of time. 

Dr. Gloria and Ps. Jansen Trotman have led numerous all-night prayer services and have seen first-hand how God works through a night of prayer.

“People who participate in an all-night prayer meeting get a fresh zeal to witness for God,” says Gloria. “They are able to log answered prayers. We also see improved relationships in the church and people who have not been attending return to church.”

The Trotmans have been heavily involved in evangelism during their years of ministry in the Caribbean, North America, and the United Kingdom. They felt keenly the need for preparation for spiritual battle and so began doing the all-night prayer meetings as a way to help churches prepare for the work of evangelism. The materials on this page were developed through many years of leading nights of prayer.

Why and How to Hold an All-Night Prayer Meeting - Learn why devoting a night to prayer as a church makes such a difference and how to plan for one so that people will want to attend.

Sample Night of Prayer Schedule - This is a schedule for a night of prayer that has worked for the Trotmans. Fill in the blanks or customize according to your needs.

Sample Night of Prayer Promo Letter - A one-page letter for promoting the night of prayer to your church family. Customize as needed.

Blessings for Which to Pray - A list of prayer requests to pray for during the night of prayer that you can customize to the needs of your church family.

The Function of Prayer in Evangelism - A PowerPoint presentation that showcases the need for prayer in evangelism and explains the All-Night Prayer meeting.

Jansen & Gloria Trotman

Pastor Jansen Trotman and Dr. Gloria Trotman, internationally-known authors and presenters, have been involved in active ministry for more than forty-five years. They are Certified Family Life Educators and Certified Life Coaches and have published several manuals on leadership and family issues. 

They are passionate about prayer ministry and have published much material in this area, including The Power of Effective Prayer and My Weekly Walk with God. The Trotmans have conducted seminars and conferences on prayer in the Caribbean, North America, and the UK. While serving in the Caribbean Union, Jansen and Gloria also organized numerous groups of prayer warriors. They also introduced their unique format of the all-night prayer meeting which catered to all age groups. This exciting and fast-moving program attracted large numbers of people. 

Until retirement, Pastor Trotman was the Field Secretary and Family Ministries Director of the Inter-American Division. Gloria served as Director of Women’s and Children’s Ministries, and Shepherdess Coordinator.